22 May 2015


This is an old puzzle but you would be surprised how many people don't do well at it.

So, how are YOUR brains?

Read the following sentence:


Now count aloud the F’s in the rectangle.
Count them ONLY ONCE – do not go back and count them again.


There are six F’s in the sentence.

If you counted only three the less we say about it the better.

If you counted four you are above average intelligence.

If you got five you will never forgive yourself for having missed one.

If you counted all six you are brilliant and should not be wasting your time on foolishness such as this.

18 May 2015


Question: why prove we're not robots when a comment goes on a blog anyway?

Yes, those pain-in-the-neck CAPTCHAs are back, some more half-hearted than others. Now we either have to copy the text or tick a box (I gather robots can’t click buttons to insert a tick) or both, none of which I wish to do.... nor do I have to in most cases. My choice, then, so why bother?

The latest has to be seen to be believed... about nine fairly large pictures of cakes appeared. I guess I was supposed to select one but I ignored it and sent my comment without doing anything. I’m still trying to work out the point of it. It’s amazing we’re not asked for fingerprints or some form of ID.  Why can’t we just put a notice on our blogs saying ROBOTS NOT ALLOWED!!

Hmm I might just do that!

There are some blogs that don’t require this silly check on people because bloggers have taken the time to change their settings to avoid causing irritation to their visitors. Now I am wondering if bloggers don’t know that their blogs have been subjected to the new style CAPTCHA ... or that their settings can be changed. For their benefit here’s the instruction that can be found in Settings – Posts and Comments:

Settings  ›  Posts and comments

Clicking NEVER in the COMMENT MODERATION section works wonders. 

In case you didn't know, selecting REGISTERED USER prevents anonymous visitors from commenting. 

I’d love to have your thoughts on this subject. 

16 May 2015

Songs and Sounds on Saturday

~Two fine voices for today~

Please enjoy this song by

Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson

11 May 2015

A Day Out

Had a very nice lunch out the other day. It was a trip to the College of Food organised by the Townswomen’s Guild. Eight of us went by mini-bus and were dropped off at an impressive building. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photograph of it so I borrowed the one above from the Internet. 

Birmingham College of Food has three restaurants open to the public and they all serve food cooked and served by the students. The Cap & Gown offers starters and main courses in a pub-like atmosphere, the Brasserie serves a high standard of modern cuisine in the evening (seven courses plus canap├ęs) as well as a tapas bar at lunchtimes, while the Atrium offers silver service and high quality food.

All three restaurants offer great value for money and the food is first-class. It's great being able to support a local training organisation with trainees who end up working all over the world.

The students were closely supervised although it didn’t interfere with their performance. I was impressed by the standard of service as well as well as the cooking. Young men looked the part in spotless uniforms and if I hadn’t known they were in training I would have put them down as experienced head waiters. There were girls there, too, but they didn't serve at table. 

The group I was with chose different dishes and I was only able to photograph the few you can see below. I intend putting the idea of visiting the college to my WI, after all the members do love to eat so they might find it an attractive idea. It wasn’t too expensive either and we can, if we want, book a mini-bus. That should go down well with those who have difficulty walking. I can’t wait to go again as there were goodies in the bakery I would have bought had I enough time.

I will close by showing the food pictures I took. There aren't many - I was too busy eating to bother with the camera. I hope the shots of menus are large enough enough to read. 
Deep fried Halloumi Cheese, asparagus and Hollandaise sauce - my starter
Rosemary and garlic braised shank of lamp, creamed potato, caremilised red onion gravy
Deep fried Halloumi Cheese, asparagus and Hollandaise sauce - my main course
Poached Delice of Lemon Sole with a Pave of Salmon, buttered spinach and Sauce Bercy.

Brazilian Origin chocolate mousse, candied orange - my dessert

I've finished this post in time to go out for Saturday lunch. Thank goodness, because all this talk of food has made me feel hungry.