20 April 2019


The Pampas in my front garden was old and almost dangerous. In case you didn’t know, the leaves (if that’s the right word) are like sharp blades. They cut, oh boy can they cut. Well, my plant, which had been in situ for many years, was so near the road that passers-by were likely to have a cheek slashed, depending on the strength of the wind.

It all started when Joe and I went abroad and witnessed the beauty of pampas in the hotel’s garden, and I agreed with Joe’s assessment that they would look good at the front of our new house. Little did we know then that the blessed thing would grow out of all proportion. Sadly, we were under the illusion that we could treat it like privet.

So! The plant had to go. Sad, because it was the first thing planted when we moved into the property. Such a tiny and attractive new addition to our frontage. You should have seen the size of it now. I did have a photograph but changes on-line seem to have removed all my pics and I can’t save any more.. Take my word for it, that pampas could slash the throat of any unknowing passer-by.

It had to go.

In discussion with a neighbour he suggested he tackled the removal of said plant. I agreed.

Now that it is down, it is the talking piece of the neighbours. Oh I wish I could show you a picture of it but since the Google upheaval everything has changed and I am totally lost.

What was once a huge plant, waving in the wind, is now like a HUGE straw bowl. Instead of growing on the inside, the pampas only grew round the edges. I didn’t know it was normal until I read an item about pampas in a gardening book.

I haven’t a clue what will happen next but a suggestion has been made by a neighbour that we fill the bowl with other plants. They must be joking – I couldn’t even climb into the damn thing.

13 April 2019


1.    High winds blew one of my wheelie bins over (again) and the road was littered with paper and magazines intended for recycling. Don’t imagine the new neighbours liked me gathering paper from their front gardens. Wheelie bins are great until heavy winds send them down the hill, which means I have to go collect them.

2.      Another jigsaw started. Well, it’s better than sitting doing nothing.

3.      Cottage pie again today… I like is so much I could eat one every day.

4.      I am told that animals don’t recognise other animals on TV. Well there’s something that attracts Charlie’s attention. He is engrossed when a cat, dog or lion is on screen.

5.      Sat on the cat! He should have told me he’d moved from his bed to my chair. He’s okay, still loves me.

6.      Just had the windows cleaned, what’s the betting it will rain soon?

7.      Passwords? I have that many. There must be a better way of identifying who I am.

8.      Not sure how I would survive without my helpful neighbours.

9.      Recent change with Google+, had me thinking it affected me and my email address when it hadn’t, and led me to (wrongly) tell folk that my email address had changed. There’s a word for people like me but I won’t use it here.

10.   I have two remote controls, one for a new TV and one for an elderly radio which must be about 20+ years old. Now I must rehouse the radio because the radio’s  remote switches the TV on/off as well.

11.   Text message on phone informed me that my phone had been found and would I please contact the given number for info. The idiots must think we’re all crazy.

12.   Change of cleaning ladies a revelation, two excellent and thorough workers. I informed their office chief who will organise a reward. Pity they didn’t come again!

13.   What is the world or my nation coming to?

14.   Recently bought new iPad. Not a patch on the old one. Keep getting flashes on screen when I am busy typing, things like: ‘I am listening’, ‘Can I help you?’, ‘Are you doing a jigsaw?’, ‘Ask me a question and I’ll answer it’. Honestly, I am almost on the point of smashing the damn thing.

15.   Gardener mows and I begin to think of spring. Pity the high winds are back.

06 April 2019


I have gone back to an old hobby…. solving jigsaws. I needed something to keep my brain occupied and was getting a mite fed-up doing the same old things all the time. What same old thing was that, I hear you ask. Solving puzzles on the iPad, that’s what. I needed a challenge as well as a change of surroundings so I ordered a complicated 1000 piece jigsaw from Amazon. It took me about three weeks to complete it and I loved the challenge. I ordered some more but reduced the size to 500 pieces which I can do in two or three days.

As if they could read my mind, neighbour gave me three jigsaws that she had just finished. Now, when I buy a jigsaw I go for well-known makes – quality of a product is important so they probably cost a bit more. The three I was given were of a make unknown to me and I couldn’t wait to get started. How I wish I hadn’t bothered. The quality was appalling and so were the shapes, and the card the puzzle was printed on was soft and rubbishy. I tried one, sorted through for edge pieces (that’s how I do mine) and commenced action.

The cardboard the picture was printed on was soft and easily bent, and the shapes of each piece most peculiar. My first task was to find all the edge pieces and soon learned that some pieces were missing! I sorted through 500 pieces to find them but no joy. It must be me, I thought, so I searched through the box again. No joy! Either the neighbour had lost them or I had miscounted. I tried again. Still no luck. By this time, I had gone off the whole idea and since I didn’t like the picture very much, I gave up.

I looked at the other two boxes and noticed that they had not been opened. No wonder! All three puzzles were sent to a local charity shop in the hope that they can raise a bit of cash by selling them. 

30 March 2019

Boring TV or cookery - take your pick

TV … what a bore lately. And what about all the shouting and yelling that goes on? Women especially. Even ordinary talk is loud and often unfathomable. I give each episode a chance but once the shouting starts I switch channels. Am I missing something? Is real life like this?

Joe and I sometimes fell out but I don’t recall either of us shouting, even though Joe was slightly deaf. On TV, though, ordinary talk has turned into loud and angry exchanges. It seems that every TV family is at war with the entire cast.

TV is no longer entertaining. Cookery programmes seem to be all the rage, every channel filming a well-known chef and his way of preparing meals. I long to go on TV and talk about the ready meals I get from various outlets, all full of nourishment and vitamins. Ok, I know I could cook my own but when a body is virtually housebound it pays to get someone else to do the cooking. All I have to do is freeze the meals, defreeze, heat in oven or microwave and VOILA, done and dusted, as they say.

Washing up consists of a single plate three times a day – or less – and a few mugs from which I drink peppermint tea or lemon and ginger. And people told me I was foolish to stop using a dishwasher.