27 April 2015


I wonder why manufacturers put their company name labels in the back of garments. Most people I know cut them out because of the irritation they cause. Surely those who make the garments know this! What’s wrong with putting a label where the washing instructions go? I mean, it’s not every day someone gets to see who made a specific piece of clothing worn by friends. I struggle to see the point of the exercise since I never ever take off a blouse to check who made it, and nobody else can see the label either. 
This has been a personal problem for many years. I would buy something, forget to remove the identifying label, wear it once ... and suffer. So, out would come my unpicking implement to get rid of the offending item. Even the stitching would irritate so I had to be careful not to cut into the new apparel. Yes, I’ve done that before now!
After many years of misery coping with the problem, I now have a mark on the part of my neck where a collar rests. It is rough to touch and itches like mad. I treat it with creams but it doesn’t help, I still have the itch! And it’s all down to unwanted labels attacking my skin.
Talking of itches, do you ever suffer with midge bites? That’s my current annoyance. Every time I go out a midge or other insect attacks me. I have bought loads of insect repellent but nothing seems to stop them. If anyone has any suggestions about this problem I would love to hear them ‘cause I’m sick and fed-up with waking up in the night through tremendous bouts of irritation that need scratching.
The best thing I have found for soothing these irritations is Witch Doctor, so named because it contains witch hazel, and is described as a soothing, healing treatment for irritated skin. It is an antiseptic astringent which I have used for years and always keep in stock. That is ... until recently. I actually ran out of it so it quickly went on my shopping list. Would you believe that Boots, the biggest chemist we have in our country, had never heard of it. Or so said the assistant, but she was a young lady so I can understand that. However, she checked the stock list and it wasn’t there. NOT THERE? I thought she was joking! I tried other chemist stores, no luck there either. I had a brief moment of panic until I remembered the internet (as if I could forget ... LOL). 
So, Amazon to the rescue. They didn’t actually stock it but knew several stores that did and by next day I had a couple of tubes of Witch Doctor safely tucked away in my medicine drawer. It wouldn’t have surprised me if they came from some far off land since foreign countries seem to be better equipped than we are.

25 April 2015

Songs and Sounds on Saturday

Victor Borge
Clever, talented ... and funny

Also known as the Crown Prince of Denmark, the Unmelancholy Dane, and the Great Dane.
Born 3 January 1909 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Died 23 December 2000 in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States

20 April 2015

New Hobby


It was blogging friend Ron who got me interested in a new hobby, one that was supposed to be relaxing. Hmm, I thought, that could be an interesting way to occupy myself in spare moments. Did I say SPARE moments? I should refer to it as ‘difficult to tear myself away from’. I am engrossed with it. Of course, I realise you are wondering what on earth I’m talking about. Well, take a look at this.

Yes, it’s a colouring book. Shortly after reading about the idea this book was shown on television as an introduction to the latest adult craze. 

I didn’t know there was an adult craze, but I do now. Along with an enormous box of chocolates, Joe bought the book as an Easter gift. I love it. I even ordered new felt tip pens and now, as already stated, I can’t leave it alone.

Of all the things I have done there were always guidelines. Cooking required a recipe, knitting and crocheting needed patterns, creating greeting cards needed the bits and pieces to design with, all because I lacked imagination and/or confidence. And now I have a book to colour, one filled with someone else’s talent for drawing. However, thanks to the artist, Joanna Basford, I am now engrossed in colouring. There is something soothing about bringing to life a few flowers, birds, and leaves (complete with caterpillars), deciding which colours to use, and once done making the decision about which picture to do next.

This is an adult craze that I can heartily recommend. Here's a few pictures of first attempts.

It starts like this
First attempt

I wonder how many of my friends would decide to have a go.