23 April 2014

Sign of the Times

Not my fault!
He was drunk.
His brain
In a funk,
With Drugs.

Okay though
I was safe wiv me knife

Not MY fault!
He lashed out
Aimed for me face
Couldn’t have that -
Flippin’ disgrace!

Okay though
I still had me knife

Not my FAULT!
He shoulda
Stood back.
He shoulda known
I would attack

Okay then, I
Reached for the knife

Asked him outright
Your life or mine?
He didn’t reply
Didn’t give him
The time

Honest, Your Honour
It WASN’T my fault

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21 April 2014


The latest acquisition from Amazon was received in double quick time, yet it came all the way from North Bergen, NJ. Printed on the label were the words ‘Please post through letterbox if possible’. Shucks, no personal email this time.

Recently I had a shingles jab... yet of all the friends I’ve told none have heard about it. I always knew our surgery was a good one. It wasn’t until afterwards I saw this on-line frightener.... SHINGLES SIDE EFFECTS  KILLS 10,000 PEOPLE IN UK EVERY YEAR. I reckon I’m one of the lucky ones. Seriously though, I never felt a thing and I’m pretty sure the staff at my surgery wouldn’t give out jabs if they weren’t safe.

I think I've done it. I wanted to create a website for my WI, something other than a blog. Currently I am in the process of working on one and am battling with the different ways of presenting it. I've put a link on the sidebar headed Walmley WI. Wish me luck with the new project and any tips thrown my way would be appreciated. 

Look, I vowed I wouldn't keep talking about WI... but ye gods when I see mine own article in a weekly newspaper I'm bound to feel a tiny bit elated. I sent it in three or four weeks ago and really thought the editor wouldn't bother printing it. BUT HE DID! Yippee! It's only a short write-up, a way of advertising in the hope more members will join. I must keep the pressure up and send one in every month.

I see Blogger is doing its own thing again. This time, messing about with scheduled posts. As I have done for a year or more I prepare a post and schedule it for a certain date but lately Blogger ignores that date and publishes when it feels like it. Imagine the frustration when I find it has overridden my instruction and published what was intended to remain in situ for a few days. Imagine my annoyance when I scheduled a post for 18th and found it on line on 17th.... even showing the date of the post as 18th... someone give me strength!

photo by
Took Joe for another session of chemo, due at 2.30, then drove home. An hour later I received a text to say he’d only just gone in for treatment. Then came the news that the blood count was low so chemo was questionable. Later, heard all was well and chemo could go ahead. As I typed this he'd been there three hours so I reckoned another couple of hours should see him leaving there. Fervently hoped I wouldn’t fall asleep! 

PS. I was right, he was there five hours. Good job we only live a few roads away.

PPS. Thought Joe might like the cartoon, him being a chartered accountant!!
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20 April 2014

Sunday Special

How wonderful is this?

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18 April 2014

The Last Word...

Stolen from fellow blogger, Troutbirder.... see here for full amusing post
A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, jack asses, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?"

"Yep," the wife replied, "in-laws."
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