29 October 2014

The Bane of my Life

One of the funniest sights I have seen in my garden is the squirrel sliding down the upright pole of the bird feeder. Slithering gracefully downwards as the Vaseline prevented a sure foothold. It reminded me of an incident at our old house when we hung bags of birdseed on an old washing line suspended from wall to wall…. and the squirrel doing a good impression of a Commando on exercise. However, contrary to my original thought that I had defeated the squirrel, he has now mastered a way of standing on the wrought iron ring and helping himself to sunflower seeds. Admittedly he can’t break anything since the seed holders are constructed of solid all-in-one pieces but it still riles to see him there. The only consolation I have is finding clumps of squirrel fur stuck in the Vaseline. With a bit of luck the varmint will soon be coatless! Ah, what a sight that would be!

Animals are remarkable, though. Take the other morning, for instance, when I had a full parade of field mice instead of one or two. The morning was fine and sunny but the forecast was for a hurricane to hit the UK so I reckoned the mice were gathering food in case it was wiped out by that white and wet stuff known as snow. The squirrel too was collecting nuts instead of eating them on the spot. They are, after all, well known for hoarding. As it turned out my area suffered very little damage from the storm so I guess the food hoard was scoffed ready for replacement.

That’s not to say I’m friends with the squirrel again, how can I be when he tries to eat everything in sight and totally defies human beings. He treats the new feeding station like a gymnasium, sliding, swinging, climbing, and gambolling. He is nimble fingered, sure footed, cunning, totally fearless, and is becoming the bane of my life. Yes, I’m beginning to hate him. After all he comes from the rat family and we all know what little horrors they are.

My cleaning lady told me that her mother feeds the squirrel, to which I replied ‘So do I’. Well I do … unintentionally.

27 October 2014

Latest find in the garden...

I spotted this in the wild part of the garden, the patch dedicated to wild life. 

At this time of year the pretty wild flowers have gone, flowers that in truth I didn't know and couldn't identify. It didn't matter though, I still enjoyed seeing the various new flowers as they opened up to the summer sun. So, when I spotted this the other day I was mystified about it's name. 

The nearest I can come up with is the Iris but other irises in the garden didn't have seed pods like this. Similar, yes, but much smaller and a less dense shade of colour. They almost look good enough to eat!

Gardens can be such mysterious places!

24 October 2014

A VISITOR... but not to my house

A few days ago I parked the car by the tree outside my house and spotted the snail.

I'm wondering if  he's made it a permanent residence. 
I always fancied a tree house as a kid and now I wonder if that's how I got to like birds so much.
Oh well, t'was but a silly dream.
If he's still there I shall let the snail be ... so long as he doesn't expect bed and breakfast!

22 October 2014


Can you comprehend the current craze of taking ‘selfies’? I can almost understand youngsters (and others) taking pictures of themselves to send to friends, or people just wanting a bit of fun, but I CANNOT understand why prominent, important or even ordinary people have succumbed to taking and sending indecent shots of their personal bits. And they wonder why their phones are being hacked. Are these people mad or degenerate? What kind of world are we living in these days when people send lewd photos of themselves to all and sundry? Take the recent case of the politician forced to resign because he sent pics of his bits to a male reporter posing as a young, sexy woman. Oh the things they do for a story. I’m not sure who is worse, perpetrator or newshound.

I used to think topless or nude bathing was indecent but it was nothing compared to the nakedness of today. Never mind the beaches, I only have to go to the shopping mall to see barely dressed young women. If we think that’s bad imagine what is ahead of us in five or ten years…. or less. I know there’s been worse in years gone by but it was usually kept under wraps for fear of possible arrest; now it seems people can’t wait to publicly expose themselves. I say ‘publicly’ since that is what it amounts to when the hackers get to work.

The example we set our children is important, heaven help those whose parents parade their wares for all to see. Okay, so I’m an old fuddy-duddy but I think my views match those of many others. These days we keep hearing the word RAPE … which is a terrible thing … but I sometimes wonder if the way females dress (Dress?) steers a man’s thoughts towards taking what is not rightfully his. The law says if a woman says No her rights must be respected… but temptation is a terrible thing and I firmly believe that women should take that into account when dressing for a night out on the tiles. Dress style nowadays is full of questions: Should I? Shall I? Or, will he? Please don’t tell me that young women on a night out don’t dress to capture a man. Of course, they have every right to dress how they like but we have to admit that today’s fashion barely covers all. Don’t you like that word ‘barely’?