22 March 2010

What Makes My Day?

Several of my colleagues have recently been fined for speeding, one of them done for driving at 43 mph on a 40 mph road. The police radar is definitely closing in on local drivers. Now, I can speed with the best of them but in order to protect my good name I have been making every effort to keep within the speed limit. It’s not easy to go slow with modern cars, but I’m doing my best.

New installations have appeared on one our notorious dual carriageways with a top speed of 40 mph and warnings to remind us of the restriction. Flashing alerts are the in-thing! I treat them like a game, see if I can go that bit slower to make them stop flashing just before I drive past. But lately there have been a few drivers who have zoomed by in the outside lane, causing the alerts to flash before I get there. It’s all getting to be a bit irksome. They probably glance at me and think ‘women drivers’ but whatever they think I won’t get done for speeding. Maybe they will when cameras are installed.

Further along the same road there’s a traffic island that’s so busy cars have to queue to get across or round. Imagine my delight when I see my zooming overtaker stuck behind several other cars in the outside lane while I draw alongside in the empty lane. It’s very like the tale about the tortoise and the hare and really makes my day.

I often wonder why drivers stick to the outside lane on dual carriageways, even when they’re not turning right, which impedes those who are. I guess I’ll never fathom the reason for it.


  1. i'll admit i get a goo chuckle at people on the road...

  2. Gosh I too enjoy driving up beside the driver who has passed me at an ungodly speed....I call it "hurry up and wait"........:-) Hugs

  3. Whenever he saw someone zooming past at speed, My Uncle John would say "He's shopping for a pine over coat". I never fail to think of him when an impatient driver roars past, with a look of contempt.

  4. I love the way you've made a game of it! And I'm with you...I try to stay within the limits...In fact, I've been writing about following rules for this coming weekend...and so you see, we are very in-tune this week! Loved this! Love you! Janine XO

  5. I am very surprised that the plod prosecute drivers at 43mph. The reason being is that there is a margin of error in a speedo reading.
    They are accurate to 10%, so there is a margin they allow. 3mph @ 30, 4mph @ 40 and 6mph @60...and so on.
    Well, this is what happens around theses parts.
    Drivers never cease to amaze... but then people are all different and every where you go... people never cease to amaze either. Look at the queue-jumpers in Post Offices and Supermarkets. :(

  6. Hi Valerie:)

    I am always surprised at people when they get behind the wheels. Even normal people go crazy when they start driving. They unnecessarily try to overtake, overtake on the wrong side, start blowing horns without any reason. I suppose driving makes people go crazy. I am myself used to be one of those crazy drivers. It has got nothing to do with women. I will even compete with other men who try to overtake me. I suppose it is the ego, the pride to outdo the others, the inbuilt competitive spirit which takes over.

    Drive safely Valerie:)

  7. I thought those kinds of drivers were only here in the US...sigh.
    They are everywhere. I do have to smile when someone 'smartly' zooms around me and then gets caught up in traffic in another lane, and I saunter on by them. (Little old lady school teacher that I can be!)
    Love to you, Val...

  8. 'Tis prolly easier for the copper to pull over one juuust going over the limit, than to risk a high speed chase thru' the neighbourhood, wot? Luckily I nkow just about every "speed trap" round my area...then again...wot's the bloomin' rush, yes?

    And to let you on ('cause I couldn't reach you by email ), I've a new blog up, here. Will post to-morrow and would love to re-link you, yes? Cheers luv :)

  9. Since MWM got booked for speeding and attended a speed awareness course we both observe the speed limit - we can't afford another £60!


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