14 November 2010

A Summer Chill

Mystery solved. I wondered why everyone stopped reading A Summer Chill (separate blog) at Chapter 15, now I know. Sorry folks but there are a lot more chapters than that, it’s just that Chapter 16 and onwards are shown in a different month, e.g. June, and then May. I can't find a way to change the Blog Archive system. So if you want to know who the guilty party is – start at Chapter 16 ... or at the beginning if you're new to the story. Happy reading.


Ron said...

Hi Valerie!

I didn't even realize you had this separate blog - how cool!

Sometime within this upcoming week, I will head on over to take a look.

Can't wait!

Hope you had a super weekend!

septembermom said...

Val, I didn't know about the other blog. I'm heading right over :)

Grandma Nina said...

Val, I just thought you quit writing on that one for a while. I'll head back.

Valerie said...

I have finished writing on this one, Nina... all the chapters are on this blog.