19 March 2015

Potpourri of Favourite Pics

 Do you ever look at photographs and remember every detail of where you took them? Some places more than others impinge on the memory. For example, I can remember everything I did or saw in Italy (Sorrento) and America (particularly New York) yet other places are now a blur. 

Saw this young lady taking pics as we sailed by on our gondola in Venice. I remember the incident, the trip on the canal, and the glass museum, but that's all. 
Cactus in all its splendour
Somewhere in America!
Now ten years! I still look at this and wish I was there. 

One of Capri's scenic views
Guess where this was taken!

And the bad news is that I can't find the many holiday photographs I took. They seem have been lost somewhere in the changeover of computers. However, I may find them on old blog posts so there's still hope.  


Bethany Carson said...

Wow! What an interesting, neat, and diverse collection of photos! Neat to see in one place!

Ron said...

"Do you ever look at photographs and remember every detail of where you took them?"

Yes, I do, Valerie! And that's why I love taking photographs and then looking over them years and years later; recalling every detail. Isn't it something how certain places remain etched in your mind forever?

Great photographs! That one of Capri is stunning. Also, Times Square in New York.

Love the photo collage you created at the heading of this post. Well done!

Have a great Thursday, dear lady.

X to you and Joe

Montanagirl said...

Nice series of photos, Valerie. I know what you mean about not remembering things. I do remember where I took a lot of my photos, but not all of them. Sigh . . . Guess I should take the time to fill in the metadata on each photo with a brief note.

A Cuban In London said...

Very interesting. I enjoy looking at old photos, too. Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Valerie said...

Ron, you picked on my two favourite countries ... but of course you already knew where they were.

I seem to think that at one time I knew where all the pictures were taken but these days I have to reply on Joe's excellent memory. Hey ho!

Jay said...

Oh, I hate it when I can't find holiday photos! I hope you track them down.

Love the Venice photos. I love Venice .. we've been twice, and I'd really like to go back someday.

My memory is so bad that while I do remember a lot of detail from some places without photos to remind me, it's only really when I look at them that I remember more about what happened in various places.

Valerie said...

Jay, the most irritating thing about losing the photographs is that they were all saved several times on PC, in appropriately named folders, as well as flash drives .... now I can only find a few on the PC. It's very annoying.

troutbirder said...

I've got too many pictures of gorgeous mountain vistas but after a few decades they all look the same..... Not my pictures of Capri though...:)

Mr. Shife said...

Excellent pics and memories, Val. Thanks for sharing and I hope you and Joe get to take another amazing trip soon so you can take some more wonderful pictures.

Mel said...

Here's to more travels...and finding lost photos. I'm so anal about having copies of my photos. There are so many. LOL. But I can't remember where some of them were taken. Kinda hard when the photo you took was a close up of a yellow tulip. LOLOL!!

Jenny Woolf said...

that is most upsetting about the holiday photos. I hope you will be able to retrieve them. My favourite of the ones you showed is of Capri. How beautiful it looks.