19 November 2013

My week.... the good and the irritating!

Delivered 2, Posted two. I know it sounds like a football score but actually it’s the amount of books I’ve sold this week. Whoopee! The Chairman of the TG has also asked me to read one of my short stories at the January meeting. Do you think 2nd January is too late for a short Christmas tale?

Can’t believe I’m talking about January... I haven’t yet got round to thinking about Christmas. I guess that’s because we don’t know what the immediate future holds. We have bought some Christmas cards though, that’s a start. Oh, and we’ve booked our usual Christmas lunch at the lovely Moor Hall. We go there every year so it would be a shame to miss it. Still, never mind the food ... as long as Joe is okay that’s all that matters.

I suppose I’d better think of what to hint at for a Christmas present. Does anyone else have that trouble? The older I get the less things I want or need so if anyone asks ‘What would you like for Christmas’ I really have no idea. I’m in the lucky position that if I want anything I just go out and buy it, which beats hoping someone will buy a certain something and being disappointed if I don't get it.

Oh what a dilemma! I so want to delete the Blogger blog roll and move permanently to Bloglovin’ and all its faults. So why do I hesitate? It’s like this, whilst mostly I can rely on Bloglovin’ showing my friends recent posts, it doesn’t always enable me to leave a comment. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, which necessitates getting further access to blogs without any outside help.

We rely on systems we set up and it irks when Blogger spoils things by not acting as we want. Showing older posts instead of the current one or not showing the blog at all is driving me nuts.

Because our new WI secretary didn’t know the ropes, my institute failed to book a WI Advisor to attend our AGM, which is normal procedure. The President had no choice but to run the meeting without a WIA. The day before the meeting a member rang me to check if this was legal ... it took half an hour to satisfy her that it was all above-board. 

The picture, by the way is of The Royal Albert Hall in London where our National AGM is held. Our hall is just a spacious but cosy wooden hut behind a church. 

But, I degress....

I felt reasonably confident that everything would be done according to the book since the President was just completing her ninth year of office and therefore should know all the ropes. Or so I thought! Reports were presented, but there was no vote for President (a yearly event) nor any mention of it. Disgruntled ladies went home, inwardly fuming instead of speaking out. My time at the meeting was occupied trying to right a wrong for a new member so I didn’t cotton on straight away that there hadn't been a vote.  

Next day, my phone was like a hot line with yet another lady asking me to sort it out. That’s the disadvantage of being an ex-Chair... one has to take responsibility for error-fixing, whether I like it or not. After notifying Federation and receiving their advice, I then rang the President-of-nine-years-standing only to find out that she knew nothing about WI procedure. I can only think she’s slept through all nine AGMs. It took me three-parts of an hour to explain the system. 

The next stage will be an election at the start of the December meeting, in the company of an official WIA, when I foresee huge disappointment on the part of the current President.

Joe continues to be philosophical about his medical condition, although if it was me I’d be howling the place down. On Thursday we are due to see the doctor in charge of Oncology though I don’t know what will happen on that day. An ultra-sound scan is also booked, as informed by the very nice Surgeon who appears to be somewhat mystified. 

Enjoy your week, folks. 


  1. smiles...i am glad he is being strong and i hope for good news on the tests as well...and good stuff on continuing to move books...its the little steps you know that keep us going...smiles.

  2. Oh, Valerie I hope things improve for you soon! Life can be so frustrating. I also am keeping my fingers crossed for Joe. I'll be thinking of twol

  3. Whooopee is right, Valerie!


    I am soooooo happy and excited that your book sales are going well! You GO, girl! And congrats on being asked to read one of your stories at the January meeting. No, I don't think it's too late to read a Christmas tale because the holidays (at least here in the U.S.) seem to continue THROUGH January.

    "We rely on systems we set up and it irks when Blogger spoils things by not acting as we want."

    I know what you mean. There have been so many technical malfunctions going on within the Internet lately. And if Google/Blogger changes one more thing, I'm going to SCREAM! HA!

    I'm in awe at Joe's positive attitude and outlook. And your's as well. The best to him and you on Thursday. Keep us posted.

    Have a super week, dear lady!


  4. Ron, I guess you're right about the Christmas story. I wanted to read a seasonal one so perhaps everyone will still be in a Christmas mood.

    Re Google/Blogger... I'll scream along with you... haha.

    Thank you so much for your good wishes.

  5. Thank you, Brian, Good news is what we pray for. I know what you mean about little steps... smiles.

  6. It must be so hard to look forward to Christmas not knowing how Joe's health will be but I imagine looking forward and planning will lighten your mood Valerie. Well done on the books sales. x

  7. I would definitely read one of your Christmas stories in January Valerie, and how lovely that you have been asked. Hope Joe's appointment goes well, I'll be sending positive vibes your way and hoping for the very best for you both. Good job that WI has you!!! Frustrating though. I haven't been having problems with Blogger and have I just jinxed myself ;)

  8. For Christmas, we've done away with dropping hints. It seems to require way too much energy to be sly when fishing for presents. We've gotten into the habit of sharing wishlists within the family. For friends, I find that sending them things that I'd really want seems to do the trick. At least I've been told so. ...but could my friends simply be lying to me? Heh ;-)

  9. Hi Denise, I hope you haven't jinxed yourself, that could be painful... grins.

    Hi Pearl, I have managed to write a few Christmas cards even though Christmas seems an age away. I'm still in a haze about preparations.

    Hi Herman, I like your idea of wish lists... thanks, I might try it here.

  10. I know how you feel about the blogroll, I am so fed up with Blogger and all the changes they continue to make. Now I can't add new review links over at MRLR. Why do they do these things? Just to make people mad. ;<(

    I know what I want for Christmas, a Kindle Fire. I'm sure you'll come up with some goodies you do want Val. Being online is a great place for finding temptations. LOL

    Hope you have a good week with lots of positive news.

  11. Hi Geraldine. My trouble is that I get too comfortable with Blogger so when there's an upset I go to pieces ... not literally, of course.

  12. I am with you about presents, Mr BC and I are into joint gifts to ourselves.
    You and Joe need some good news...probably, best to just do the holidays as you always do.

  13. What I dont like about Blogger is that it keeps insisting on merging everything with Google+ A lot of people dont use it. The blogroll can be frustrating too. But then again it is a very good platform. Hope you and your husband are fine Valerie!


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