12 November 2013

Bits and bobs plus a touch of emotion

Townswomen’s Guild is proving the place to go... I keep selling books there. Yep, last week I sold a copy of my Fiction in Miniature and received two orders for the doggy tales. I’ve had to have a reprint on Feline Capers so I feel I’m doing well. The TG Chairman, Margaret, was the one who bought the volume of short stories which she held up to show the members. She told them they had an author in their midst and related the info that I had once won a WI National Award in a short story competition. The applause was thunderous... well maybe not actually thunderous, but there was some hand clapping which left me a bit swollen headed. One of the nice things is that they want me to autograph their purchases which affected the emotions more than the sale.

Emotion has played a big part in my life recently. Last week Joe and I saw the radiologist at our local hospital. The news wasn’t what we expected. Medical opinion is that surgery is no longer on the cards. Apparently the cancer has spilled over to where it shouldn’t go which means chemotherapy is the only way to control it. Although shocked Joe showed remarkable philosophical spirit and I am so proud of him. We are expecting an appointment for chemotherapy to start in just under a two weeks. It will be carried out at the hospital nearest to home and for that we are truly grateful since it will help on the travelling front.

So, ‘life as normal’ advises the district nurse, which means we can still go out to lunch on a Saturday. Last weekend we dined out at a Miller and Carter restaurant which overlooks the reservoir in Sutton Park. We had a table with a view of the lake and I watched as twelve men sailed their model yachts. From where I sat it was quite a spectacle and I did try to capture the scene with the iphone camera. Not very good but here is the best one.

I know springtime is the normal time to organise the house, or in my case the cupboards, but I have to do it when the mood hits me. It certainly hit me last weekend. I have reorganise d, sorted, packed, stored or rehoused computer stuff, chiffon and woolly scarves, photographs (of which there were many), stationery and correspondence. And I feel better for it. Let me see, what else can I organise....

Hope you all have a wonderful week and don't do anything I wouldn't do!


  1. ah, sorry to hear about the cancer...i hope that the chemo helps....ugh....nice on selling more books.....

  2. There is nothing about cancer that is forgiving or forgivable. But the scans are done for a reason--better to discover that now and move forward with the chemotherapy. Not the results anyone wanted, I'm sure. Oh, what a week the two of you have had--talk about emotion filled!
    I'd be clearing out closets and organizing, too. When everything else feels out of control.....clean a closet/cupboard. LOL It's a wonderful solution for me. You can guess that we have nicely organized drawers in the kitchen after all this bothersome leg stuff. ;-)

    And wonderful that you've gotten more requests for the books, a round of applause AND head swelling material. With all the 'stuff' you're contending with--well needed and well received, I'm sure.
    Praying for both you and Joe--you just keep grabbing every moment that you can and enjoy the by-jeepers outta it.

  3. Hi Val. I too am sorry to hear about the cancer. I hope the Chemo does its job. I'll be thinking of you both. So glad your bookselling is going so well! You do write some wonderful and intriguing stories. Stay strong, and give Joe my regards. Please tell him that someone in Montana is thinking of him.

  4. Nothing good to say about the chemo, except I hope it does the trick. Good thoughts going your way today and in the weeks to come.

  5. "One of the nice things is that they want me to autograph their purchases which affected the emotions more than the sale."

    *thunderous applause*

    Valerie, I am sooooooooo happy and sooooooooo proud of you, dear lady!!

    *doing the happy dance*

    I think it's awesome that your books are getting notoriety and that they're being purchased because they're GREAT books and you're a GREAT writer!

    You and Joe have been through so much these past months and what has impressed me is how well the two of you are going through this. You're attitude and outlook is so admirable. Keep the faith, because I've witness great results with chemo.

    ((((((((((( Joe ))))))))))

    "...but I have to do it when the mood hits me. It certainly hit me last weekend."

    I did the same thing! I usually do two organizations within a year (Spring and Fall) because it's feel so refreshing.

    You take care, dear lady, and know that you and Joe are in my thoughts and prayers.

    ((((((( You & Joe ))))))


  6. Brian, thank you - on both counts.

  7. Mel, you are right, of course. I'll keep forging ahead with the reorganising, all done with a smile on my face after reading your lovely comments.

  8. Mona, thank you. I will certainly tell him to read your comment... he'll be thrilled.

    BC, I'm sure it will do the trick. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  9. Ron, I just signed another book... whooooooohooooo. You can rest assured we'll keep the faith and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your kind thoughts and good wishes. As for the reorganising goods and chattels ... see, I told you we were alike.... x

  10. Such a blow to what could be. So sorry to hear about Joe.

    Don't do anything you wouldn't do? Now that leaves some wiggle room.

  11. Hi Susan and thank you. You'll notice that I didn't give any clues about what I wouldn't do.... Grins.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about the cancer. Such an emotional journey for you and Joe right now. Stay strong.

  13. I'm so sorry Harry (and you) didn't get the news you were hoping for from the consultant. I have everything crossed that the chemo is a complete success. Well done on selling the books!

  14. Rae, I'll try... thank you. Good to see you back again.

    Pearl, Joe is more philosophical than I ever could be.

  15. Please join my sadness with this news. Here's hoping that chemo can help control and repel the cancer. Hope you keep yourself busy, and I'm sure that Joe will do his best to keep a smile on your face! :-)

  16. Thanks. Herman. He will do his best and succeed.

  17. You and Joe have my utmost admiration, my love and prayers. And congratulations on your book sales. I do love your stories :)

  18. Oh Valerie, this is a difficult time for you and Joe and I admire the way you are both coping with it so well and so positively. It is a matter of thankfulness that we live in an era where there are effective treatments for so many cancers and although nobody enjoys chemo I hope it will fix the problem for him. How nice that people are buying and appreciating your books. (Your stories are always good though so I'm not surprised!) A reprint is wonderful.

    I always find that cleaning out is a good way of dealing with too much emotion - might as well put the strong feelings to good use in scrubbing and polishing and throwing away.

  19. Jenny, we're also lucky to live in an area with excellent medical facilities, and so close to home too. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and good wishes.

  20. I wish you so much luck in all your endeavors and enough strength to get through it all. Sending you much love!


  21. Thank you so much for your good wishes, Mersad.


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