03 December 2013

My Pet Hate

Regular readers will remember me rattling on about my new Hoover ‘Vision Dynamic’ washer/dryer and how it has a mind of its own – which doesn’t coincide with mine. At that time I wrote a letter to the manufacturers and was sure I’d blogged it until I did a post search and found nothing*. However, the original post can be seen here. Although there was an element of humour in the letter it did get across my dissatisfaction with the machine. I mentioned that I have to wash two of everything because the machine doesn’t like doing odd items and I also mentioned that this objection lasted for twelve long months. Yes, folks, I have been battling with the damn machine for just over a year so you can imagine my annoyance when reminded that insurance needs to be taken out. WHAT? ON A MACHINE THAT DOESN’T DO WHAT I WANT? A MACHINE THAT INSISTED ON DEFYING ME FOR A WHOLE YEAR? Sorry, Hoover, but NO WAY! Once this machine breaks down (please, God) out it goes. Hoover will never darken my doorstep again.

I didn’t post the letter at the time but now I have, just the other day after another major decision on the machine’s part not to drain water out of a wash that included one odd item (I really must learn to count). I should have waited for the next event before posting it. At the time of typing this rubbish report I experienced one MAJOR catastrophe in the washing stakes. Two single duvet covers ... yes, I said TWO single duvet covers ... were washed but left in an exceedingly wet puddle of water at the bottom of the drum. Why? Because somehow the machine managed to insert one cover inside the other, thereby turning the load into ONE item. Now, I’ve never tried inserting one duvet cover inside the other but I can imagine how difficult it would be. My clever machine deserves some kind of medal and I know what sort of medal I would like to give it ... a heavy one at the end of a long handle commonly known as a hammer.

The following is an extract from Curry’s (stockists of washing machines) internet site which describes the machine's technical genius

‘’Special functions include Kg mode, whereby an intelligent sensor weighs your laundry in the first four minutes of the cycle, adjusting cycle duration, water and electricity consumption to suit load capacity and perform more economically.’

It doesn’t tell us how much more electricity we have to use to put right what the machine did wrong. Since the weather precluded hanging out the sodden covers and there is nowhere within my home to enable drip-drying on such a large scale I was forced to dry the covers in the machine’s dryer which took much longer than normal. More expense, not to mention the physical and mental ordeal the whole operation took! On top of that the non-iron covers had to be ironed....

Rest assured that Hoover will know about this latest upset. Okay, now I’ve had my moan I’m off to find a hammer. Thanks for listening. 
* My 'Search this Blog' seems not to be working


  1. oo a you might save money taking it out eh? smiles...yeah, convenient what they choose to let you know...

  2. Goodness me, I've never even heard of a Hoover washer/dryer. I'd get rid of it! LOL

  3. It is the environmental movement charging forward. Dishwasher machine soap lacks an ingredient now that stops true cleaning from taking place. The liquid dish soap is the same way and nothing now cuts grease. Our dryer refuses to give us more than 30 minutes to dry things when it needs 50 minutes. Two trips to the basement every load that we dry. My sister in law bought a new clothes washer and it locks shut for the whole period and it is not user friendly. She wished it to be gone after the first two weeks.

  4. "Okay, now I’ve had my moan I’m off to find a hammer."

    HA! You GO, Valerie!

    I have no idea what brand of washers/driers they use in my apartment building (I'll have to check the next time I do laundry), but a few of the washers do the same thing. They don't sufficiently complete a final spin cycle, which leaves my clothes soaking wet, which means I have to insert more money into the dryer to get them completely dry.



  5. If I write too much, I will start swearing. Suffice to say, I hear you.

  6. Brian, my view is that the instructions and explanations should be available in the store before we buy these things.

    Mona, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of Hoover, or is it their washer/dryer you haven’t heard of?

    Larry, there are far too many things to complain about these days. Is it that the firms are trying to save money or is it that the products have become inferior?

    Ron, you should definitely check who made the washing machines... they sound suspiciously like Hoover.

    Susan, I wonder if your swear words are the same as mine... grins.

  7. Argh! I feel your frustration. We've been dealing with a malicious drying for the past month, requiring two calls in for a repairman. It's funny how reliant we are are technology, and how quickly we regress to caveman days when it's not at our disposal. :-(

  8. Hi Herman, I loved your comment. I think going back to caveman style would suit me very well - less pressure on the old brain and certainly less frustration.

  9. Wow, who knew that washing could be such a challenge. Sounds like a brand I'll steer clear of in the future.

    Re: search this blog, Blogger is going crazy lately it seems, with all kinds of wonky stuff happening. I can't add links over at My Real life Reviews anymore and I read about all these other issues happening, around blogland. If it ain't broke...

    I guess they haven't heard about that one. And when its free, what can ya do?

    Thanks for your kind words re: my Christmas poem Val. I'm glad it struck a chord with you. It was written from the heart.

    Hugs, G

  10. Oh dear, your 'intelligent' washing machine sounds like a complete nightmare! Hope the company comes through for you. Tell them you're blogging about it, that should rattle a few cages ;)

    My next post btw will be asking for help on how to get rid of those annoying links that keep following me around. I've tried everything I can think of my end.

  11. Sounds like you have a washer/dryer that's too smart for its own good and your. I stick with the basics. Less bells and whistles, mosy cuz I have noooo clue or desire to complicate my life by relearning what 'simple' has evolved into. :-/ Give 'em what's left of your peace/piece of mind!! LOL


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