05 December 2013


My letter to Hoover re washing machine was acknowledged by email.

After thanking me for my letter a member of the Customer Correspondence Team expressed a willingness to send an engineer to inspect the appliance. He or she went on a bit about insurance, stating that their records showed we had a plan in place which expired in 2015. That’s news to us since Joe and I decided that after the initial twelve months guarantee we would not be taking out further insurance.

I replied, of course, in my usual semi-sarcastic vein, pointing out the misunderstanding. I repeated previously given information that an engineer came to inspect the machine in the first few days of ownership when he briefly explained the system and advised that if the machine again failed to remove water from the laundry we should 'take something out'.  I reminded them that my letter stated the whole thing to be totally unsatisfactory. 

Here’s an extract of part of the email which most of you will have read:

Whilst writing I will point out the latest catastrophe, as written on my blog:

You have to remember that the machine doesn't like odd numbers:

Two single duvet covers ... yes, I said TWO single duvet covers ... were washed but left in an exceedingly wet puddle of water at the bottom of the drum. Why? Because somehow the machine managed to insert one cover inside the other, thereby turning the load into ONE item. Now, I’ve never tried inserting one duvet cover inside the other but I can imagine how difficult it would be. My clever machine deserves some kind of medal and I know what sort of medal I would like to give it ... a heavy one at the end of a long handle commonly known as a hammer.

My reply to Hoover's email ended thus:

‘We have been buying washer/dryers for 40 years and have never experienced such problems as we do now. By all means arrange for an engineer to visit but if it is merely to repeat the advice given a year ago then we don't see the point. 

Yes, wish me luck, folks, although I don’t much care if Hoover take umbrage ... there’s always Electrolux. 


  1. If they don't get the message at least they'll get the chuckle that I did when I read it.
    Or...maybe they'll come and decide it's broken and it never ought to have acted that way to begin with? Seriously, I can't see the machine differentiating between 2 socks and a towel and having a meltdown because there are three items. Mine's fussy about weight and balance some moments. But number of items? That's not advancement in product performance, that's just silly.

  2. Hope you get it sorted out. Love your praise of your clever washing machine. LOL

  3. "I know what sort of medal I would like to give it ... a heavy one at the end of a long handle commonly known as a hammer."

    HAHAHHAHA! Love it, Valerie! Yup...that's exactly how I would feel!

    I've never owned anything by Hoover, but I do own an Electrolux vacuum cleaner and it's excellent!

    The best to you and Joe with getting this sorted out.


  4. Mel, I agree it's silly. Without a word of a lie two socks and a towel would be completely unacceptable to the machine. Engineer is coming out on Tuesday.... hmmm fisticuffs at the ready...smiles.

  5. Pearl, I'm quite good at sarcastic humour... grins.

  6. Ron, thank you. It is make or break time as far as Hoover is concerned and Tuesday is the day. Like you I never had any trouble with Electrolux.

  7. Sometimes these manufacturers try just too hard. I often find that plain and simple things work pretty well. Still I hope your letter made them smile, might make them more inclined to help!

  8. ugh. i think i would have been as snappy with them as well your reply on the metals made me chuckle...but my what a head ache...

  9. Absolutely yes. Do not buy General Electric. Ours broke and the Russian repair man came. "Piece of not buy again..."

  10. Love your story about your washer. I used to have a G.E. Washer years ago, and it literally ran like a champ forever...years and years. My present set Washer/Dryer is Frigidaire brand. So far so good. My refrigerator is also Frigidaire brand. The ice maker is totally unacceptable - it's a long story.


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