02 December 2013

Today's News

I’ve just dropped Joe off at the hospital Day Case Unit. We left home at 07.30 for an appointment at 08.00. The traffic wasn’t as bad as expected.... that’s because it waited for me to return home. Phew... I’d forgotten what chaos is caused on the roads by commuter and school traffic. Oh well, I have a few hours to recover. I say a few hours but it could be longer since I/we have no idea what Joe’s there for.

Tomorrow he has another nuclear medicine scan so that rules out a scan for today. There was talk of replacing the nephrostomy tube and a suggestion that they might even update the nephrostomy bag. It can’t be more serious than that because he goes in for a minor op on the 13th to have a stent removed. This is the start of the investigation into what has always been thought of as the ‘good’ kidney. Hopefully the nuclear scan will clear up the mystery. One thing is certain, until the puzzle is solved Joe can’t undergo any proper treatment. However, bless him, he is still remarkably cheerful. I had hoped that treatment would have started before now but I can see Christmas looming so maybe it will all happen in the New Year.

So I’m looking round the house and wondering what to do with myself until I have to collect Joe at the hospital. All the housework is done, breakfast things cleared away, and beds made. Isn’t it strange how a change in routine affects our movements? I suppose I could knuckle down and finish the story I started to write several weeks ago, but somehow my heart isn’t in it.

By the way, talking of stories... I have another two orders for the cat and dog books. I am so thrilled that they’re proving popular. The way it’s going I can see another reprint on the way. 

That's it for today, how about if I put a few pictures on this post as a means of tailing off... then perhaps I can devote my time to doing... nothing.   

An unusual shot of the television
Loitering with intent!
Reflected Glory
Last Night's Sky!


  1. Thinking of you both most definitely. Congratulations on more book orders. Sorry those links are still following me around. I got rid of the thumbnails below my post and that hasn't worked either :(

  2. some days doing nothing is the best i hope whatever he is there for, it goes well...and woohoo on more book orders...

  3. Hope todays investigations get to the bottom of Joe's problems. x

  4. The best plan on a day like today--is nothing. It gives you a chance to 'breathe', yaknow? Mess around with a few things if you must, but a wind-down day isn't an all bad thing. Maybe even a nap!

    The 'not defined appointment' will hopefully go smoothly and tests will be reviewed to hopefully give some more information. Sometimes tests simply don't show what's really going on--and an upclose look just has to happen. Either way, lots of prayers are being sent in yours and Joe's direction. Answers would be a good thing--solutions and healing would be, too!
    *hugs* Bit of holiday shopping maybe?! Good time to do it while everyone's out of the way.

  5. I have learned from Mr BC recent angiogram that it is hard for the caregiver, (that is what they call us now) to wait for answers...we got a good answer...and hopefully you and Joe will have some good answers coming before the new year. All of my best thoughts are with you.

  6. Thanks for the advice, Mel. I can do some things but not all. For example I can't sleep because I'm on call to collect Joe, whatever time that is. I can decorate the lounge with Christmas trimmings tho... Might do that.

    Thank you, Pearl. My fingers are crossed.

  7. Thanks, BC. I'm glad your husbands news was good. We are known as carers here... I like caregivers better.

  8. Brian, I am still waiting, it has been hours now and I have heard nothing. Still, you know what they say about no news.

  9. Hang in there Valerie. I'm thinking of you both, and hope all goes well. Your photos are very nice. The last one is my favorite!

  10. Doing nothing is sometimes the best source of inspiration. I hope Joe gets better.

    Greetings from London.

  11. Sending you a HUGE cyberhug as you await the news, Valerie....

    ((((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))

    As Banker Chick shared, it's often harder on the caregiver - the waiting.

    But I have say, I commend both you and Joe for the manner in which you are experiencing this because I know it's not easy.

    CONGRATS on more orders for cat and dog books. That's AWESOME!!!!!

    You take care, dear lady. And know that you and Joe are loved and thought of.


  12. I hope all goes well and that you get some movement in Joe's treatment before Christmas, so you can feel you are making progress. It seems so wrong that things grind to a halt at this time, illness does not take account of doctors' schedules. Maybe you could switch on Radio 4 another time. I find they often have interesting programmes that can be distracting. Although one of the best users up of nervous energy for me is housework. Thinking of you

  13. Hi Ron. I waited all day so I know how hard it is not knowing.

    Isn't it GREAT about the books. I am really chiffed about it.

    I will pass on your comments to Joe. Thank you so much x

  14. Cuban in London, You are right. I think up my best work when I do nothing. I guess the brain is freer then.

    Jenny, thank you. I used to listen to Radio 4 ... Not sure why I stopped.

  15. Thoughts and prayers coming your way. It is difficult when an illness just doesn't want to straighten out.

  16. Here's hoping that they zero in on what's ailing Joe! Going through a lenghty hospital stay with my dad, I know how frustrating these things can be. Here's hoping you keep busy! I you'd like, I can send my 3-year-old over to wreak havoc for a few minutes. That should give you plenty to do! ;-)

  17. Hi Larry, thank you... and you're right - it is difficult. Right now, nothing appears to be straightforward.

    Hi Herman, *smiling* Right now I would relish having a 3 year old to play with.


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