01 December 2013

New things

What's that picture, I hear you ask. Don't laugh ... it's my knee. Since buying the jeans I’ve gone mad and bought more. Yes, I’m now the proud possessor of a pair of leopard print and a pair of faded blue. And LOVING them. Actually the print jeans are brown but my camera doesn't seem to like taking shots of brown. I didn't want to bore anyone with a shot of the faded blue! 

Not to be outdone I followed stepdaughter’s advice and bought casual shoes, two pair of Skechers, no less. It’s the first time I’ve been able to walk without suffering from sore toes. Suddenly I am uplifted to the status of sporty granny and feeling rejuvenated. 

And just look at the new slippers. 

Aren't they colourful? As for comfort, they're brilliant. I can't remember how many years it's been since I wore proper slippers. I’ve had to exist in Spanish sandals because ordinary slippers hurt my toes. No longer, though, not since discovering Shuropady, an in-store franchise providing chiropody and podiatry treatments, foot care and footwear. I saw these slippers and was hooked. 

Now what else can I do to stay young!!


  1. Like the leopard skin photo,you are obviously ready for a knees up!

  2. It took me a while to move to jeans, now they are what I mainly wear. As for comfortable shoes...been doing that since I broke my ankle.

  3. "Yes, I’m now the proud possessor of a pair of leopard print and a pair of faded blue. And LOVING them."

    You GO, Valerie! VERY cool jeans. Whenever I see leopard print, I always think of Lana Turner because she often wore that print in the movies she made.

    And you know me, jeans are my favorite thing to wear - especially as they get older because they feel more comfortable.

    Very cool sneakers and slippers! I've seen that brand of sneaker in the U.S.

    I think it's great that you're treating yourself to some nice things - you deserve it. I tend to shop in spurts. I don't shop for awhile, then I shop and purchase a bunch of things I need.

    Hope your having a lovely Sunday!


    P.S. Joe's comment made me LAUGH out loud. Funny man!!

  4. leopard print jeans and are cooler than me now....geez....smiles...hey comfort is what matters and sounds like they it when i find ones that fit just right...

  5. Joe, heehee not in my lifetime!

    BC, I'm not the only late starter then! I once had a broken ankle, I wonder if that was the cause of my problem feet.

    Mersad, thank you. I was smitten as soon as I saw them.

  6. Ron, ah yes I remember Lana Turner. Can't say I remember what she wore, though.

    I used to think jeans were for the young, now I'm finding out how wrong I was. I believe the shoes are made in California and now are world wide... yet I'd never heard of them. Bah! Still, I have now. I wonder if I can persuade Joe to buy some?

  7. Brian, maybe old is cool... smiles.

  8. Sport Granny?? LOVE it. Why don't you model the jeans and post a pic so we can see "All of you" ??

  9. Cool!! I love Sketchers, I have 3 pairs. :)

  10. Pearl, I aim to get some more Skechers; they are sooo comfortable.

    Mona, me model? LOL. I want to keep my blogging friends not frighten them off...grins.

  11. Lovely to see you revelling in more modern clothes. I get really miserable if my clothes or shoes are tight or pinch, and it makes me feel my clothes are dictating the way I live. I just can't imagine how women coped in the past with all that boned underwear and thousands of petticoats, or those misshapen hard little shoes you see in museums! On the other hand, I do adore truly beautiful fashions....

  12. I thought you were trying to trick us with that first picture. Heh...

    And it always feels great to be truly mobile. Lemme tell ya, I'll never take that for granted again after my back surgery oh those many years ago. And good shoes are a must. Of course, I've "regressed" by using a pair of those minimal running shoes. The wife picked up a pair for me last year and I haven't run in anything else since (I'm now on my second pair). I feel better running in those things. And now, when I use regular padded shoes things feel a bit "off".

  13. It is good to buy yourself some stuff once in awhile. I have been helping my mom get some more jeans for her work. I made sure she got a pair for when she is off from work.

  14. Herman, As if I would trick I know what you mean about shoes feeling 'off', though. I have years of experiencde in that direction.

    Dan, I'm a newcomer to jeans but am now dedicated to the wearing of same.


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