08 December 2013

Continuing the saga .......

.....of my communication with Customer Services Department at HOOVER (Read here and here if you haven't been following the plot), I decided not to reply to the email and just let the engineer come on Thursday. However, a letter has been received from the hospital making an appointment for Joe that very day. Well, we know our priorities. Joe comes first, the engineer last. I replied to Hoover accordingly, reminding CSD that I had opted for Tuesday. Anyway, I have an important meeting to attend on Thursday afternoon so CSD can put that in their pipes and smoke it, though I didn't actually tell them that. 

To take my mind of the whole thing I made some effort to cheer things up! 

Next step is to interweave Christmas cards in the garlands.
I thought putting decorations around the place might get me in the mood for Christmas.


  1. Our tree goes up this weekend, it is small and prelit, and since we're going to be away, that is all that will get decorated. I got my first card yesterday.

  2. I really like your Christmas Decorations, Valerie. I hope they do their job and cheer you up. I'll be thinking of you!

  3. smiles...we add christmas cards as we get them...letting them be part of the decorations....

  4. Brian, the cards do make the place look festive. I'm really grateful to the senders... smiles.

    BC, how nice that you bother to put up the tree even though you'll be away.

    Mona, thank you very much.

  5. " I have an important meeting to attend on Thursday afternoon so CSD can put that in their pipes and smoke it..."

    Good for you, Valerie! You're right, Joe comes first.

    Lovely decorations! And your home looks so charming and cozy. Love the fireplace mantle.

    When I was a kid, my mother would hang our Christmas cards from a string that went across the fireplace mantle that were held there by tiny plastic clothes pins. That was such the thing to do back in the 50's.

    Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. It's getting ready to snow here, so I may head out later this afternoon and walk in it. Yipeee!

    X to you and Joe!

  6. Hi Ron, thank you. I have always liked mantlepieces although they don't seem so popular these days. We used to hang stockings on them when I was a kid... we can no longer do that. Funny how we only recognise danger in later life.

    Snow eh? Well, enjoy. Whilst writing this I spotted a fabulous, rarely seen red sky, so out I went with the camera and got some great shots.

  7. what a lovely Christmas display Val, very nice!

  8. what a lovely Christmas display Val, very nice!

  9. Great job on the Christmas decorating. I hope everything goes good on Thursday especially for Joe.

  10. Yep, our house is currently being transformed thanks to the wife. She's amazing at such things. And the son is chomping at the bit for Christmas to get here. We're doing our best to teach him that it's a season about thinking of others. It's tough when you're three to understand that, but he's getting there...

  11. Herman, the little man will get there but not yet awhile... too much to enjoy right now.

  12. Ohhh, I'll look forward to the red sky photos. At this time of year, they're vivid!
    And dangitall with the engineers and conflicting times. They'll come at your convenience to deal with the too smart for it's britches machine. Like they have a choice? LOL

    Lovely little touches of the season here and there are just what everyone needs. Not so much you're tiring yourself out, but enough to bring a bit of gaiety to the grin over. A well placed penguin here and there does it for me! Himself is the seasonal decorator for this holiday--he's got a tasteful amount of lights sprinkled around. Tree's up! Prezzies are starting to materialize. Which means I'll have to snoop. LOL


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