06 December 2013


NO.1. Communication with Hoover:

Further to yesterday's post 

Thank you for your email.
Our technical department have advised we send an engineer.
We are able to arrange this for Tuesday or Thursday next week if this is acceptable to you.
Best Regards

Thank you. I will expect the engineer on Tuesday 10 December. Please notify whether it will be a morning or afternoon visit.

Good Morning,
Engineer has been booked for a morning call on Thursday 12.12.13.
Best Regards
Customer Correspondence Team

Can’t they READ?
Hope the engineer has more intelligence than the Customer Correspondence Team!

NO.2. Blog Rolls!

I like to visit my blogging friends as and when they publish a new post on their blogs, but isn’t it frustrating to find you've missed one or two. I rigidly follow the blog roll so that this won’t happen... but it does. Even Feedly let me down this week as well as Bloglovin’ and my own blog roll which I still haven’t got rid of. Imagine my horror when I realised I hadn’t visited one of my favourite blogs in three days simply because the reminder had gone astray. Well, I’ve found a new use for Google’s bookmark bar.... maybe that’s the answer. 


Akelamalu said...

Oh for goodness sake, how annoying!
Hope you get it sorted.

I use Feedly and haven't had a problem I have to say. x

Pat said...

I had to catch up on your last few posts to hear the whole story about your washing machine. Sounds like that machine has too many bells and whistles and now it has outsmarted itself! Love your sense of humor on the situation, but I'm sure it won't last when you run out of underwear! LOL!

Banker Chick said...

Oh Valerie, what a mess you have had. Hope that whenever, they arrive, you will get some satisfaction.
I know what you mean about the missing posts. This is the first I have received regarding your misbehaving machine.

Ron said...

Can’t they READ?
Hope the engineer has more intelligence than the Customer Correspondence Team!"

HA!No. I've come to the conclusion that people CAN'T read, Valerie. I can't tell you how many times I get email requests from advertisers, who ask me if I'll write sponsored posts on my blog for them in exchange for money, when I specifically say on my advertising page that I DO NOT offer to do paid sponsored reviews. I used to response to their emails, but now I just ignore them :)

Hope everything works out with your washing machine next week!

Lately, my Feedly and Bloglovin' feed readers have been working well. I also figured out a way to resync my Feedburner feed, so that it updates immediately. However, I will say that I've had issues with them as well in the past.

Have a lovely weekend, dear lady!

Valerie said...

Pearl, it's the first time Feedly has let me down. The others do it all the time.

Pat, I'm counting the pennies in case I have to rush out and buy more clothes.... grins.

BC, it's a relief to know other people have similar problems, even though they might involve not being able to read my blog... smiles.

Valerie said...

Hi Ron,

'I also figured out a way to resync my Feedburner feed

That is interesting; would you care to do a post on it?

Regarding the Hoover team... I just hope they remember to tell the engineer that he's got to call ....preferably on the right date.

Mel said...

Hahaha...aren't human beings ridiculously funny?! Right, Thursday it is then! ;-) We'll hope he can fix the smartypants washing machine.

I have no clue about feeds and all the good stuff to remind you someone's posted. Like you, I go by some program that shows me....or doesn't. I drop in when it feels 'too quiet'...I guess me and 'bloglovin' have trust issues. ;-)

Brian Miller said...

oy, well....they sound a bit like military only 6 days, right...err...i hate to imagine what it will be like when they show...

Mr. Shife said...

Hi Val. Customer service does seem to be like that these days. Not really giving the customer great service. Hope things improve when they stop by to fix it. Have a lovely weekend. Hope Joe is feeling alright. Take care.

Montanagirl said...

Well, I guess they just do what they want, regardless of your wishes. How frustrating for you!

DeniseinVA said...

I see Customer Service can be frustrating on both sides of the Atlantic :)

DeniseinVA said...

p.s. and talking about frustration, I don't see my links anywhere. Dare I hope that that problem has been fixed?

Valerie said...

Denise, Joe said it is probably an international standard as set out by the united nations.... Grins.

Glad to hear about the ... er ... missing links. Fingers crossed the problem is solved.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

I hate talking with customer service from a company and you feel they do not care.

I have missed new post on my blog roll too but I always thought I just over look them at the time. I seem so busy at times.

Mersad said...

It happens to me too sometimes. The blog roll simply doesn't show someones post. Then once I remember the person I have to find the blog.

A Cuban In London said...

That is some messy situation you got yourself there. I hope it gets sorted. :-)

Greetings from London.

Valerie said...

Thank you, C-in-L. Hmmm not sure how to refer to you so I hope C-in-L won't offend.

Valerie said...

Hi Mersad. It's a relief to know that other people have the same problems.