30 December 2013

Titbits... and other issues

CHRISTMAS... so much to look forward to, so quickly over. Ours was lovely. It started with a phone call from Australia and a later call from my son. Joe and I had Christmas Day lunch at Moor Hall, one of our favourite hotels. We go every year because we know we’ll get brilliant food and meet some nice folk. Afterwards we came home to indulge in cake and open presents. Now I want you to listen very carefully over the next few months because I’m sure you will hear me laughing wherever you are. Why? Because I am now the proud possessor of Series 1, 2, and 3 of Mrs Brown’s Boys plus a book entitled Mrs Brown’s Family Handbook. Already I’ve learned what to do with a tea towel!!!!! 

These should keep me out of mischief for a while, don't you think?

Thank goodness we have Broadband working again thus enabling me to send greetings over the Internet. It was awful not being able to get on line. It was like being deprived of a daily fix, which I guess was true. Heehee not only that but it could have meant you being deprived of Christmas gift viewing for a few days longer than necessary. Isn’t it astonishing how reliant we are on computers and other gadgets that keep us in touch with the world?

Joe never misses the opportunity to crack a joke. During a recent emergency visit to hospital with a suspected infection the following took place.

We went on the advice of the district nurse who was unhappy about there being so much blood in the urine. Of course, we had to go through A & E before being referred to a ward (now well known to us) to await consultation with a man who knows about these things.

The paperwork was in front of us and it struck me that it was exactly a month since our last visit for the same thing. When I pointed this out to Joe he remarked that it was like a monthly cycle and wondered if he was changing into a woman. Stick with me on this, folks, in case he was right and I need help!

I won’t go on, except to say that as yet nothing has been cleared up. Chemo is supposed to take place on 2nd January if the doctor will allow it. He didn’t the last time!

In the wisdom of the Correspondence Team they did not notify the engineer that nobody would be home on the Thursday, nor did they take any notice of my email in which I opted for an offered Tuesday visit ... thus when I got back home on Thursday I found a note from him to say he had called. He included a phone number in the note but it wasn’t his number ... it was one of those irritating-button-pressing responses to umpteen questions scenarios.  Fortunately the engineer had the sense to ring me to arrange another appointment. I explained about the Tuesday/Thursday mix up to which he replied that the Correspondence Team had not notified him of any change. He mentioned that he wasn’t surprised! There and then we fixed a future date and he emailed it back to CT. Pity he didn’t turn up!


  1. So glad to hear you've had a nice Christmas Valerie. You got some fab gifts! xx

  2. "Because I am now the proud possessor of Series 1, 2, and 3 of Mrs Brown’s Boys plus a book entitled Mrs Brown’s Family Handbook. Already I’ve learned what to do with a tea towel!!!!!"


    Valerie, was an AWESOME gift!!! I wonder if I can find those here in the States? I'll have to look for both the book and the series sometime this week.

    You got some super Christmas gifts! Love Michael Buble!

    Hope all goes well on Jan 2nd with Joe's chemo. And I love that he has such a great sense of humor about everything.

    Have a wonderful week, dear lady! Happy New Year to you and Joe!

  3. ha. hope he is not turning into a what do you do with a tea towel? smiles....

  4. Pearl, it's a good job I didn't photograph everything... smiles.

  5. Good afternoon, Ron. As you can imagine I have been laughing fit to collapse since viewing the first DVD. Series No.1. was covered quite a lot in Monday Mirth but I still can't stop laughing. Great fun.

  6. Brian, I'm sure he's not, but the comment was funny. Teatowels can be used for many things, according to Mrs Brown, mostly weapons to hit men with... grins.

  7. I truly hope Joe will be fine, and I hope that the two of you will enjoy a happy new year's eve together. Those are wonderful gifts too. Love Downton Abbey.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who goes through withdrawals if I can't get online. Addiction is a sickness they say ;-)

    And I hadn't noticed that picture of Joe drawn by John Bain before. That's a great piece, and I think he captured the essence of Joe! :-)

  9. It looks like you have enjyed a happy Xmas, Valerie!
    Yes "your" fox must feel safe in your garden, especially if the species isn't hunted in your area.
    I wonder if I will the "mine" again!
    My sincere wishes for 2014, may it bring you happiness, good health and joy!

  10. Hi Herman, it is a good picture of Joe - John Bain is a great artist.

  11. Mersad, I was surprised to read that you like Downton Abbey, is it shown on your televisions? Thank you for visiting and I wish you a Happy New Year.

  12. Noushka, fox hunting was banned here a short while ago, although it looks as if the hunters are itching to get back into it. Fortunately we don't live in a hunting area so our foxes are safe from everything except moving cars. Happy New Year to you.


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