19 December 2013

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your comments on my recent post and please forgive me not responding to them. Truth is that I have been without internet connection for a couple of days, although it seems more like a lifetime. Finally our broadband provider found there was a fault in the area. Honestly, Joe and I both felt cut off from the world and what a relief when I had that telltale ping on my phone that told me 'you have Mail'. So now I play catch-up and visit a few blogs. Catch you all soon.


  1. I am probably not be around much, as I can't use my laptop for some reason here in Santa Barbara so using DD1's desktop when she is not...were all busy packing so I just read my favorites. Merry Christmas now that you know when Joe start his chemo in ghe new year.

  2. hey hey....welcome back then...i cant stand internet issues....glad they found the problem...

  3. Happy to hear you are back on line. I know how that feels!!!

  4.'re talking to the Queen of Grumpy when the lights on the modem refuse to blink!! Reboot, unplug, reset, curse...LOL...NOT necessarily in that order. And I'm dependant on this for work purposes, so you might wanna insert a few more 'curses' in there. ;-) I'm glad the 2 of you are reconnected. People start to get concerned when it gets a bit quieter than normal yaknow. *hugs to you both*

  5. If I'm without internet access for more than an hour I start going through withdrawals, and it's not a pretty picture. Glad to hear that it's back up for you!

    ...and if I don't get a chance to swing by again before the 25th, I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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