09 December 2013

The sky at night., a rare sight.

Where I live the sky at night is not normally as spectacular as last night. In fact, I can't ever remember seeing such a brilliant sunset in my part of the world.
It was so unusual it was even mentioned on television's weather forecast.

an interesting formation

In the distance I saw this aeroplane

Second time around!
I tried to get a clearer picture but the plane was just too far away.


  1. Amazing sky! I wonder where that plane was flying to?

  2. got treated to a bit of beauty there....pretty cool they even mentioned it on the news...

  3. Valerie, those skies are breath-taking. Nice camera work!

  4. Very nice Valerie. I like the one where the plane is further away.

  5. MAGNIFICENT photos of the sunset, Valerie! I clicked to view each photo BIG. The colors are amazing!

    LOVE the shot of the plane too!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sky, dear lady!

    Have a MARVI Monday....X

  6. Great captures Val.

    Always notice the beauty of a
    night sky...

    Happy Monday !!

  7. Super sky pictures Valerie, that pink is really beautiful.

    Sorry about the links but I don't know what to do about them now. I've been letting people know about the hide button in settings but not sure what to do in your case when that doesn't work. I think the cyber gremlins are playing a little joke on us :(

  8. Absolutely amazing colours. Well done. It's not always easy to capture the brilliant shades that "wow" us as the sun rises or sets. I always feel graced to witness the brilliance let alone get an awesome shot or two. You got some great one!!

  9. It's weird, but I've also noticed that the night sky is being particularly beautiful these past few days. Is it something in the air? If so, then more of it, please! :-)

  10. Mel, you're right, I was lucky that the camera didn't distort the colours.

  11. Hi Ron, wasn't the colour BRILLIANT? Living at the back of the house I could well have missed the colourful spectacle. I'm so glad I have the computer in the front room.

  12. Faye, thank you. The sky made me feel I lived in an exotic place... oh well, back to earth I go... grins.

  13. Pearl, we'll never know about that plane. It stood out against the red sky even though it was miles and miles away.

    Brian, it was a real treat to see such a lovely sky.

    Mona, thank you. You can tell I'm still practising with the camera.

  14. Denise, I hadn't read about the 'hide' button in settings ... will go and investigate.

  15. Beautiful colors. I love this time of the day, especially when the colors are this bold and vibrant.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  16. Hi Mersad, I believe I left a similar comment on your blog. The drawing in of evening can be quite magical, enhanced by a beautiful sky.


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