15 December 2013

Sunday Scenes ... Still Life

A few years ago Joe studied photography and by way of a change I thought I'd show some of his still life pictures


  1. oo i def like the old typewriter....i miss the click clack of keys....

  2. I'm with Brian. I love the last one--it's verging on that 'fading photograph' look with the colours and content. I sooo miss the clacking of keys.
    He done GOOD, that fella of yours.

  3. Aaw Brian, so do I. All I can do now is imagine that clacking sound.

  4. Mel, that's my favourite too. I thought Joe did a grand job photographing that still life arrangement.

  5. I love still life photos and paintings. They always make me think of what came before, of who used these objects, or ate these fruits. Yours are beautiful. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Thanks, Cuban. That's a nice way of looking at still life.

  7. Valerie, I have to chime in with Brian and Mel and say that the last photograph is my favorite, although all three are super! They all have a look of almost being paintings!

    Please tell Joe I think he's got a great eye for photography!

    I so enjoyed that you shared his talent. Well done!

    Have a super Sunday, dear lady!

    P.S. That Syrah Malbec looks like a great wine!

  8. Hi Ron, I will pass on your comments to Joe... hope he sees it, 'cos he does have a good eye for photography but doesn't realise it.

    Hope you are still enjoying the snow... grins. We haven't got any yet, thank goodness.

  9. That photo of the typewriter was hauntingly beautiful. You really need to print that one up on postcards!

  10. Oh, the last one is my fav by far, I love old typewriters. We had so many in our house when I was growing up, I hope to dig up one of those in the storage boxes, one day.

    Nice photo collection Val! :<)

  11. Geraldine, I too loved the oldies... you knew where you were with those unlike the (then) modern electrics.


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