14 March 2014

Titbits... and problem of the week


Technology is wonderful but sometimes I prefer to organise IT instead of the other way around. For example, my calendar. I used the Yahoo calendar for a while but frequent hiccups but a stop to it.

Cloud makes sure everything I put on the calendar goes to all devices, no matter which gadget is used. If I add a date on the computer it goes quickly to the phone and tablet and the same applies whichever gadget I’m using. No sweat! Then Yahoo performed one of its miraculous techno updates and now EVERY time I switch on the phone calendar it wants my password. Not content with that it wants the password every time I click a key, no kidding. It so got on my nerves that I removed every engagement recorded on the Yahoo calendar and moved across to Google. I’m not a fan of all that Google does but it sure is a lot simpler than Yahoo.

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I am in the middle of making plans for the forthcoming birthday bash. Hmm not exactly a bash, more a leisurely meal with family and friends. It will be held in a private room at the New Hall Hotel, my favourite eating place. 

Below is a picture of the New Hall. I don’t have a picture of the actual room so you’ll have to take my word for it that it is elegant. Hopefully one will follow after the event.
The New Hall moat

Preparing the guest list and place names for use on the day is the current task, doing it early to avoid a rush nearer the time. Addressing the invitations wasn’t easy. Those to married couples were fine, but what about those unmarried folk who live with partners? In a lot of cases I don’t even know the surname of the partner; they’ve been an item for so long I didn’t need to know. Example: Mrs Smith living with that nice gent called Tom, or Leonard, the charmer, now residing with an attractive lady known as Betty. Are the friends informed of new partners’ surnames? Apparently there’s no need, until someone wants to invite them to a do.

What are the rules when it comes to addressing envelopes or place names or preparing a seating plan? If (in this case) ladies are known by different names I might not even recognise them on the list! I mean, you can hardly put Liz & Sid on the same chair. It happens that there are two Ann’s, two Judy’s, two Mike’s and two or three John’s coming to my party ... imagine the chaos if I don’t get things right.
And then there’s the neighbours. Arthur who? And that lovely couple down the road known only by Christian names ... how do I name them on a seating plan? To get over my predicament I have to go sleuthing, hopefully acquiring information indirectly rather than admit to not knowing the surnames of couples known for fifteen years or more.
Modern partnerships sure make things difficult.  
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Montanagirl said...

Well now - That "is" a predicament you're in. Let us know how that all worked out for you! LOL

David Oliver said...

I wouldn't go sleuthing. I would just call up Mrs. Smith and say, "hello, what is Tom's last name?"

People usually laugh at stuff like that because it happens to everyone except possibly Marilu Henner.

Valerie said...

David, of course I will ask properly. I do know how to deal with things. I used the word sleuthing as a way of lightening an otherwise very ordinary post. Get it?

And who the heck is Marilu Henner?

Valerie said...

Heehee Mona, I will let you know if one of the invitees turns out to be a royal person in disguise.... grins.

Ron said...

Valerie, when I first got online, I had a Yahoo account but then switched everything over to Google. And you know my 'feelings' about GOOGLE - HA! The thing about Google is that they are constantly changing things, which drives me insane.

WOW..the photo of The New Hall is beeeeautiful! Yes, what an elegant place to have your meal. That's one of things I so love about European countries, all that gorgeous and historical architecture, which add to the ambiance.

And the best to you in getting this bash together. Do fill us in on how it all transpired. Can't wait to see photos too!

Have a lovely weekend!

X to you and Joe!

Valerie said...

Ron, yes I know your feelings about Google... smiles.

We do have some historic architecture, which I am proud of. I hate it when one of them is demolished... thankfully not too often. I believe that is only done under extreme circumstances.

I will keep you posted about the bash.

DeniseinVA said...

Good luck with those envelopes Valerie. I never know how to address them and I will be interested in what others say. Lovely photos!

Ranita Sinha said...

Will be waiting eagerly for the updates..hv an exciting weekend..

Geraldine said...

Wow, that is some place to party Val, impressive. I'd like to see the room you are having your party in too, I'm assuming you'll be sharing photos afterwards?

I'm sure you'll do a grand job for all of it, even the details your working on right now. And focus on having fun, that's what a party is really all about, not getting stressed organizing it.

Hope you have a good weekend and BFN, G

Valerie said...

Geraldine, I will post pictures of the actual room. Heehee I'm not stressed... did the post give that impression?

Hi Ranita. Thanks, we'll have a quiet weekend, no excitement though... smiles.

troutbirder said...

Ah the modern world. More not married that married nowadays...

Mr. Shife said...

Yahoo. Ugh. They have driven me away with their constant meddling. I still have a Yahoo email address but I'm slowly migrating to Gmail. Good luck with the planning. I'm going a little nuts getting Kyle's birthday party organized and we are only inviting a few folks. Take care Val and best wishes to Joe too.

David Oliver said...

I get it now. :)

Marilu Henner is TV star and celebrity. Well, several years ago she was. Now, I think she is most famous for the fact she can remember every single thing that has ever happened in her life. And not just what happened but the exact words that were said, etc.

Brian Miller said...

ha. just think of it as a treasure hunt...smiles...hope you get all your intel sorted out val....smiles.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

I just used the calender on my phone or the wall calender at home.

I think there are a few people that know my surname but would have to ask my first name. They only call me by my surname.

Mel said...

Definitely since it's such a fancy place to lite for the dinner I'm doubtful you want to address the envelopes 'informally'.
You'd be surprised the number of things that come addressed to 'Mel and The Brit'. Given that's how I refer to him, he just smiles and opens it. LOL...but we're not going to anywhere quite as elegant/regal!

Valerie said...

Mel, envelopes were pushed through the doors of those with unknown names, but I can't do a seating plan without knowing who they

A Cuban In London said...

I would also be more direct. Pardon, what's your name again? :-)

As for yahoo vs google, they both will know what you're up to. :-) If you don't mind that kind of intrusion I would go for google.

Have a fab week.

Greetings from London.

Jenny Woolf said...

You are so right about surnames, and it can be awfully hard to find them out. I must say that the hotel looks absolutely ravishing, and I am sure that the occasion will be wonderful even if you get the names wrong. :)

Akelamalu said...

The addressing of invitations is a tricky one. If the couple are not married I usually address it to the one I've known the longest then write both first names on the actual invitation. Not sure if this is the correct way to do it but it seem so work.

Valerie said...

Hi Jenny, yes the hotel is pretty good, and very old... sorry I should say historic.

Pearl, I do the same when addressing envelopes, my current problem is the seating plan, especially considering several people have the same Christian names.