01 August 2015

Songs and Sounds on Saturday

I always wanted to rock around the clock when I heard this, oh so long ago


Mersad said...

Love this song!

Ron said...

Valerie, what a GREAT song and video clip! I watched it twice. Wow...can they DANCE! I was born in 1955, so I remember hearing this song on the radio and TV.

Thanks for the happy 1950's flashback, dear lady!

Have a rockin' Saturday!

X to you and Joe

DeniseinVA said...

My goodness, a blast to the past. Lovely!

troutbirder said...

Born in 41 In High School when it began. How we all loved the new sound....;)

Valerie said...

Good morning, Ron. I remember the thrill of seeing Bill Haley at a local theatre. You can imagine how the crowd's reaction when they left the theatre... happily dancing in the streets and acting as if they'd made a new discovery - which they had. It was brilliant.

Valerie said...

TB - we definitely did love the new sound. I still do... smiles.