08 August 2015

Songs and Sounds on Saturday

Don Williams who was
and always will be a favourite of mine.
This was recorded in 1982 and I love it.
Hope you do, too.


Blogoratti said...

What a lovely performance. Have a splendid weekend!

Ron said...

Valerie, I so enjoy these Songs and Sounds on Saturday because so often you share vocal artists that are favorites of mine as well!

I love Don William's voice. It's got such a deep and smooth sound.

Great song! I also like "I Believe In You."

Happy Saturday, dear lady!
X to you and Joe

Valerie said...

Good afternoon, Ron. Don Williams has the kind of calming voice that lulls people. It can change a mood in an instant. I really enjoy listening to him.

Valerie said...

Blogoratti, he is good, isn't he?

Montanagirl said...

Just wonderful! I have always liked Don Williams. Thank you for sharing, Valerie.

Paul Forster said...

I really enjoyed the song, Valerie. Lovely words!

Paul Forster said...

Loved the song...great lyrics and melody!

byGeorge said...

Don Williams is my All Time Favorite! Haven't heard him in years. Thank you for sharing. He is still that young handsome crooner from years my mind; I was a bit stunned seeing the other videos.

Oh my. A memory returns. I saw him in Atlanta years ago with Johnny Rodriquez also there. A FREE outdoor concert staged by the city - 1000s attended. Yay for Atlanta, GA.

So happy to find you again, Valerie. Enjoyed your blog and your 'reads' in earlier times. I will be back.


Valerie said...

Well hello Sissy. I'm glad I selected a popular singer for Saturday's songs and sounds.

Gosh, it's been a long time, hope you're happy to be back and I look forward to visiting you again. Actually, right now....