13 February 2010

For Valentine's Day

He showed me total happiness
With the ecstasy of a soft caress
Upon my cheek, so pale and wan,
And I knew my love had just begun

He took me gently by the hand
And led me into wonderland
Where pain and sorrow were unknown
And we never shared a tear or frown

In reckless earnest we embrace
Still enchanted, side by side
Wordless caring, quietly sharing
An eternal love we cannot hide

My Valentine


Bernie said...

Val how beautiful this poem is, if only one could meet someone and go to this perfect place....:-) Hugs

Brian Miller said...

aw. so sweet. wonderful verse.

hope you have a great valentine's day val!

Akelamalu said...

How lovely Valerie. Happy Valentines Day to you. :)

Abe Lincoln said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you ♥

cheshire wife said...

If only this were true. Happy Valentines Day!