14 September 2013

Saturday Special

I may be a bit hit and miss with blogs while Joe is in hospital but I promise to visit you all as soon as I can. Fortunately I had a couple of scheduled posts for weekend viewing, after that it's anybody's guess! 

The travelling to and from hospital is very tiring, consequently when I get home all I want to do is collapse on a chair or bed. Hey, listen to me moaning, and I'm the fit one in the family.

Anyway, here's a little video for cat lovers. Enjoy!


  1. Sorry to hear your hubby is in the hospital. did I miss a post about this? Hope it's not serious.

    Take care Val.

  2. ack i cant get the vid in the US...hope you get your rest along the way and that all goes well at the hospital too...

  3. Sorry to hear about Joe's hospitalization. We look forward to your return.

  4. The hope and aspiration is to KEEP you fit, tyvm! Just as I worry about himself with all he's picking up to take care of me, so shall I be concerned about you.
    So.....when I say 'take care of you', I really do mean it. If you're not well......then Joe's really gonna struggle, know what I mean?

    Take care of you, ma'am.
    Still sending prayers for you both.

  5. Couldn't watch the video in this country, Valerie, but it looked like a cute one :)

    Hope all is well with Joe, dear lady.

    Sending you both lots of love and good vibes...

    ((((((( You & Joe ))))))))

    You take care, okay?


  6. Yes, you are the fit one so you have to hold down the fort. I hope his being sick doesn't wear you too much down. It does happen that way. I would have enjoyed the video but us Americans don't connect to your show. Take care.

  7. I'll bet this is cute - but it says the "uploader has not made it available in my country". Hope all is well with Joe.


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