01 September 2013

Sunday Scenes

 Here's a miscellany of random scenes
 taken just the other day

One of my favourite restaurants by the lake
Cutlery display on the wall 
I read that we shouldn't take pictures of food because the lighting is never right, so I took these instead

All in one... get a tattoo AND a new eye!

Fox stalking the woodpigeon
Pictures taken in this area will never be good because
the camera has to travel from light through dark and into light again

Hurry up!

Just as I captured this sky shot, I saw...

I couldn't see the plane with a naked eye
so experimented with full zoom on the camera


  1. Now that's a neat set of Sunday Scenes. I enjoyed them all. Thanks Valerie. Those shoes in my post were interesting weren't they? Especially as there was no car around. I will be wondering about those for some time.

  2. Nice potpourri of photos, Val! Now, I really like the one you took of the missing food. Hilarious!

  3. oh great...thanks for the empty plate pics...that way i am not hungry...hahaha...oo on the fox hunting...nature intrigues cool to eat by the water as well...

  4. Valerie, what a splendid post of random scenes. I love photographic posts like this because I enjoy seeing variety.

    Yes, I can see why that's one of your favorite restaurants because it's so charming. LOVE the cutlery display on the wall - BRILLIANT! At first, I thought it was a photo taken of your table, shot from above.

    And by the look of those empty plates, I bet your meal was scrumptious!

    What charming little town that looks like.

    Love your candid "people photos" too!

    Oooo....and awesome shot of the PLANE!

    Thanks for scenic tour, dear lady!


  5. Ron, it's such a shame it was a dull day, and taking shots from the car didn't help with the clarity of the pictures. I really must try and get out of the car before taking shots... grins.

  6. Brian, I thought the empty plates would make a change from full ones.... grins.

  7. Well, what a lovely time you had. I had to snoop about on the photos, and had himself explain the terrace menue. LOL. Yes, I know it's in English. ;-)

  8. Nice. I smiled seeing the empty plate photos.

  9. A nice set of shots Val. I like the path one most of all. I love path photos!

  10. Geraldine, I like pictures of paths... I always wonder what is round the bend, or beyond the trees.

  11. What a wonderful variety of photos! I especially like the one of the restaurant with the pretty flowers outside. Ooh, and also the one of the clouds/sky. I always take photos of food, mine aren't professional looking, but they are fine for posting at FB or my blog. Empty plates, now that's cool.


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