08 September 2013

Sunday Scenes

I looked up because the sudden bright light attracted my attention 

It's not often I see next door's TV aerial lit-up!

It's not often I see a skeleton either, 
but within as many days I saw two

Poor quality picture of a window display depicting a scene in New York

Morning coffee at the supermarket.
Just the place for a sleep providing you DON'T snore!

Places I've been and would love to visit again

Isn't it sad that these have now gone... roll on next spring!


Jenny Woolf said...

A lovely collection of varied pictures. I like the aerial best! It looks like an arrow, and a bright arrow appearing in the sky surely means something mysterious and exciting! :)

Brian Miller said...

your garden is lovely....pretty cool on all the magnets and places you have been, a bit more well travelled than i....and maybe your neighbor uses alien technology

Montanagirl said...

That "lit-up" TV Antennae looks like a bright arrow pointing the way for you. Love your flower photos!

Valerie said...

Thanks Jenny. It's strange that I never noticed the aerial before it was lit up by the sun.

Brian, I shall look at my neighbour with new eyes now... smiles.

Joseph Daggatt said...

Please let your blogger friends know that your husband is well fed and much better looking than the two skeletal pics!!!

Ron said...

Wonderful array of photos, Valerie!

That first one of the TV aerial is sooooooo cool! At first I thought it was some kind of plane flying in the sky!

And I LOVE the shot of the gentleman sleeping! OMG...what a flawless capture! Don't you just love 'people shots?'

Lovely flower photos too!

Happy Sunday, dear lady!


Valerie said...

Joe... lol... I can remedy that if you want to lose weight!

Ron, I kid you not, the guy in the supermarket coffee shop was actually snoring. I have been trying to get more people shots and couldn't resist getting that one.

Rae said...

Had to laugh at the napper. Reminds me of my hubby. He can fall asleep anywhere. The flowers are very pretty.

HermanTurnip said...

Great clutch of photos! And to think that fall is just around the corner. Time for the leaves to change color and (hopefully) for the temperatures to start cooling down. This is my favorite time of year!

Mel said...

LOL. I was going to ask about the hubby, but I see he's still sassy even if a bit thin.
The flowers are lovely and I adore the TV antenna. How odd it's not shown itself in the light before, but how cool that it did!!