23 April 2014

Sign of the Times

Not my fault!
He was drunk.
His brain
In a funk,
With Drugs.

Okay though
I was safe wiv me knife

Not MY fault!
He lashed out
Aimed for me face
Couldn’t have that -
Flippin’ disgrace!

Okay though
I still had me knife

Not my FAULT!
He shoulda
Stood back.
He shoulda known
I would attack

Okay then, I
Reached for the knife

Asked him outright
Your life or mine?
He didn’t reply
Didn’t give him
The time

Honest, Your Honour
It WASN’T my fault

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Jinksy said...

A rather scary bit of word fencing going on here - a right sign of the times...

Valerie said...

Hi Jinksy, oh dear, it's been a long time! I will try to get over to yours soon ... but bear with me, I don't have too much time left after and between hospital appointments and the like (not mine!).

I think I gave this piece a good title. I believe I was mad at the world when I wrote it.

Ron said...

Valerie, you're not sure is a sign of the times. You nailed it!

Excellent piece!

Have a terrific Wednesday, dear lady!

X to you and Joe!

Valerie said...

Thanks Ron. And it's getting worse out there, it makes me wonder what can be done to stop it.

Paul Forster said...

It's always someone else's fault.I enjoyed your poem, Valerie. Thanks for your kind words on my posts.

Ranita Sinha said...

But Valerie is there anyone to hear the plight of the is really getting worse day by day..

DeniseinVA said...

A very dramatic poem Valerie, very well done. Definitely a sign of the times.

HermanTurnip said...

Such a poetic murder! ;-)

Brian Miller said...

ha. its never our fault...or one wants responsibility...smiles.

Mel said...

I can smile and nod and know that I was once there. There's so much freedom that comes with personal responsibility. It's one of those oxymorons that I've come to love.