04 May 2015


Councils in the UK have delivered bins like those above so pretty soon we will no longer put our rubbish in black bags. For years we had a black bin to put all our waste stuff in but then came the introduction of serious recycling which meant we put glass and metal in a green box and paper in a blue one. We already had a brown wheelie bin for garden waste but everything else went in appropriately coloured boxes plus a simple black plastic bag. The foxes and magpies had a field day when the bags were put out for collection ... and the community at large began to complain.

The introduction of wheelie bins came this year and we are now the ‘proud’ owners of three huge bins on wheels. Collections have not yet started, though ... they’re due in June. And you should see the list of do’s and don’ts we've received with prosecutions in the offing if we don’t obey the rules. Some folk have likened it to living in a concentration camp but then some complain about anything.

So the bins arrived and the ‘housing’ problem presented itself. Where could we put them?  Some folk have used their garage to house them but we can’t do that – we put a car in ours ... mine, actually, since I refuse to leave it in the open in winter.

We live in a modest bungalow which doesn’t have a lot of ground at the front. The back garden is huge but we rejected the idea of keeping bins there, we would never manage to get them out if we did. Even with wheels attached the bins need strength to move when full and us ageing folk find it a difficult task. Not only that but the journey from back to front of the property, up and down steps, and over the door frame one gets with PVC doors, would be arduous. We were, therefore, faced with a problem. WHAT TO DO WITH THE EXTRA BINS?

Our gardener came up with a clever idea – coaxed into fruition by little me who pointed the way (wink). Anyway, he and I discussed the situation and both of us could tell it would work. When the idea was agreed on he began work straight away, working hard for the next two hours cutting bits out of the high hedge that divides our front garden from our neighbours. The hedge being ancient (a mix of small trees and shrubs) the growth was hardy, so he managed to create two spaces without disturbing the neighbour’s side of the hedge. He couldn’t have done it if the hedge had been reasonably new. Here’s what he achieved.

Now we have three bins in situ, the two you see hiding under the hedge, and the other to the right of the door, practically hidden by a bush, and all practically unseen from the road. Nothing impedes our passage down the side path, where the wheelie bins will be taken when full, and the look of the bungalow remains the same. It would have been an eyesore if all three bins were on display on our frontage.

So there you have it. The gardener was clever and we are pleased with the result.


Jenny Woolf said...

Very clever! You are lucky to have a high concealing hedge. I think around here we have got used to seeing bins all over the place. I think the theory is that they go where your old dustbin was, assuming you had 3 dustbins! Many people build a sort of enclosure to make it look intentional at any rate!

Valerie said...

Hi Jenny. We were fortunate (before). Our boxes could be kept out of sight and our single dustbin was at the back fo the house. All we had to do was lift the black bag and put it out for the men to collect. No strength required... unlike now... and certainly not as much of an eyesore as the wheelie bin set-up.

Montanagirl said...

Yes - a very clever gardener!

Ron said...

"So there you have it. The gardener was clever and we are pleased with the result."

Brilliant idea on both your parts, Valerie! They look GREAT there!

We have those type bins in the apartment building I live. We have a set in the basement (in the laundry room) and another set in the trash area on the lobby level; in a separate room.

Well done, dear lady!

Have a super Monday!

X to you and Joe

Valerie said...

Thank you, Ron. It's interesting to know that you have those bins indoors, and especially that they're in the laundry room. I'm wondering if you have to separate stuff for recycling.

L. D. said...

Our glass, paper and boxes are all put in the same bin as they have to resort it anyway. So we have only one bin and another smaller boxlike shape for recycle.

Banker Chick said...

We don't have those type of Wheelie bins here in our town, we don't have mandatory recycling but We do separate out news papers and garbage. I would love to have a blind, for my trash cans.

Ron said...

Yup, we have separate bins for recycling. The ones in the basement are strictly for recycling, while the ones in the trash room are separate from the trash bins.

We have bins EVERYWHERE. HA!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

X to you and Joe

DeniseinVA said...

Your gardener's idea is a great one.

A Cuban In London said...

As long as you can "wheel" them out easily and they don't get pushed around by the wind once on the pavement, any place will do. They're useful and great to get kids to stick to their domestic agreements. :-)

Greetings from London.

joeh said...

We still call even the new ones "Trash Cans." "Wheelie Bins" sound so much nicer.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

I like to recycle. My mom and I store the trash and recyclables in bags in the shed until I can make the trip to the dump. I make it to the dump about once a month. With equal and more recyclables it is free. I guess one day I will get trash pickup instead of making the trip myself.

Mr. Shife said...

Looks good to me. Kudos to the gardener. Enjoy the weekend, Val, and my best to you and Joe.

Geraldine said...

I'm all for recycling. This looks like a step in the right direction and a clever way to place those large containers,well done Val. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day too.

Valerie said...

Thanks, Geraldine. The frontage certainly looks better without ugly bins littering the place.

Mother's Day for us was last March but I appreciate your kind thoughts.