13 June 2013


Apart from messing about with the new camera I was busy in the garden while the sun shone! Don’t get the wrong idea, I haven’t done any actual gardening; by busy I mean surveying and generally wandering about. The rough patch at the bottom of our vast estate, which we started last year (or was it the year before ... I lose track of time), is now overgrown with weeds wild flowers so I keep going down there to see what’s come up next. There are loads of newbie flowers that I don’t know and can’t find in my book on wild-flowers. And you should see the bees feasting on the pollen. It’s a lovely sight especially since there’s a big worry over the decline of bees. I feel I’m doing my bit to help save them.

The birds have no qualms about scoffing all the food I put out. They don’t seem to realise that the more they eat the more it costs. I shall soon have to charge them for eating in our wildlife restaurant. The best of all though is seeing the bluetit babies getting restless in their box. Pretty soon they will leave and the parents will take them far away so I can’t see them anymore. Maybe next year they’ll be the ones inhabiting the box for their babies. The nesting box isn’t a grand affair but the bluetits come every year without fail. I’ve often wondered if it’s the same family all the time. Do bird babies remember where they were born? Do they come back because they were born there? I know wren’s return to their nesting place each year, so why not the bluetits?

We’ve had different birds this year mainly, I think, because of the top rate food. Joe frequently threatens to buy cheaper stuff but I smile nicely and remind him that it’s the right seed mix that attracts the different species in all weathers.

Talking of weather, what on earth is happening to planet earth? The weather here has turned yet again. For a few days it was almost summery, now it feels like we’re back to winter, hot one day, perishing cold the next. I think it would be warmer in Iceland than here. Take today for instance. I put on a warmer jacket to go shopping because I knew full well that if it was cold outside it would feel even colder in the supermarket’s freezer section. What I didn’t reckon on doing was to change from blouse to woollen twin set before lunchtime. It was that cold I could almost hear my teeth chattering. I told them it’s no use complaining to me, get on to the weather people. I hold them personally responsible, you see. Seriously though, who else but mankind can be blamed for the topsy-turvy conditions.

Do you mind if I change the subject... I can’t stand even thinking about cold weather even if it has descended prematurely. Would you like to see some photographs instead?

I am enjoying the new camera IMMENSELY. Here are a few shots to prove it.

I had one second to catch this gorgeous Bentley

Magpie, thinking about....
having a preen before....
feeding her baby!
Woodpigeon, settling down for a rest!


  1. Wow...great captures with the camera! And who wouldn't adore that Bentley?! Awesome captures.
    And I'm thinking I need a SAVE THE BEES patch of my own! LOL Or at least a sign for when the lawn's overgrown? LOL

  2. ooo you are doing well with the new camera as well...i like that second one with the flower and cool pics of the the black and white pattern...

    took out two trees yesterday the woodpeckers had eaten away...they were struggling...

    today the weather is to be the storm that took out our power for a week last year...hoping it is not...

  3. "Talking of weather, what on earth is happening to planet earth?"

    You are so right, Valerie! We're experiencing the same bipolar weather here as well. In fact, today we're expecting a tornado. It's already started to rain heavily, as well as gusty winds. Yesterday was hot and humid, today it's very cool; almost fall-like.

    Faaaaaaabulous shots with your new camera! The second one down is just awesome. Love the contrasting focus you captured. And the shots of the birds are truly terrific! And that Bentley? WOW!

    Enjoy your day, dear lady!


  4. Wow - your photos are fabulous! What kind of camera did you get??? I must have missed that. Do tell me. LOL

  5. Thanks, Mona. Here's a link to the 'camera' post

  6. Mel, the wild patch grows on its own, it's quite unbelievable and thankfully it is out of sight of the

    Brian, thank you, I hope to get better with the camera. I did like the ones of the magpies though. I'm sorry to hear about your brutal weather. We have rain when we shouldn't and have hardly had any good weather... just a couple or so days.

  7. Ron, I would hate to experience a tornado. Hope everything goes okay for you in Philly.

    Yes, I quite liked the Bentley... grins. Thank you for your comments about the pictures. I hoped you would like them since we share a love of cameras. I shall keep practising, never fear.

  8. Love the tree photo especially.

    I'm enjoying my new camera too, got the BIG manual sent to me in the mail and that's helping a lot. Lots to learn but I'm getting there too.

    Enjoy that garden Val. Wish I had one too this year but maybe next summer.

    Hugs, G

    PS: I was so impressed by your latest short story that I shared a link with a writing friend of mine. You did a great job!

    Maybe you'd like to join us at my prompt blog some time:

    a fun bunch over there (including wonderful Brian) and supportive too. New prompts every Sunday. Hope to see you there.

    PSS: It's not just for writing poetry either, prompts can be used for photos, stories, drawings, any where your muse takes you. :<) OK, I'm done! Whew...

  9. Thanks Geraldine. I had a SMALL book with my camera... grins. Seriously, I'm one of those who like to find out for themselves how things work.

    Thanks for the invitation to join Woven Dreams. I will look into it 'cause I don't know how it works. I don't have an awful lot of time but will take a gander soon.

  10. Hi again Val, I got the little manual too but it didn't tell me very much. I agree, we usually have to figure out any new gadget, in our own way and manuals of any size LOL, can only take us so far.

    Re: Woven Dreams, I should have included the About page link last time:

    Yes, do take a gander soon. As I said before, would love to have you join us!

    Hugs and Happy Weekend, G

  11. Hi again Val, I got the little manual too but it didn't tell me very much. I agree, we usually have to figure out any new gadget, in our own way and manuals of any size LOL, can only take us so far.

    Re: Woven Dreams, I should have included the About page link last time:

    Yes, do take a gander soon. As I said before, would love to have you join us!

    Hugs and Happy Weekend, G

  12. All the comments about your marvelous camera has me seriously thinking about upgrading. I will check the site you mentioned.

  13. A lovely post Valerie, enjoyed your day and yes the weather is topsy-turvy everywhere lately. Enjoyed those photos too, your new camera takes great pictures.

    An English Girl Rambles

  14. WOW ... you are doing great with
    the new camera.Your bird shots are superb !!

  15. Awesome pictures Valerie! So often I play around with the idea of dabbling in the world of photography. It looks like so much fun and they have such wonderful cameras these days. The birds must love the feast that you set out for them each day. Thanks for the smile this afternoon :)

  16. You have a real knack with your new camera, Val. The photos are gorgeous.

    Weather here in upstate NY is cold, hot, warm, so-so, sunny, rainy...all four seasons in one week.

  17. Awesome pics! I love their clarity and sharpness. Are you performing any post-enhancements to them? If not, then I'm envious of your camera!

  18. Love the pictures Val, and excellent work on doing your part to save the bees. Sorry to hear about the weather. Hope it gets more summery soon. Have a great weekend and keep taking those pictures.

  19. Hi Kelly, cameras and walking go together... yes, I just read your post.

    Hi Pam. Thank you. I'm not quite comfortable with the camera yet but I'm getting there. Your weather sounds like ours; it's disappointing to say the least.

    Hi Herman. No enhancements. They are pure 'camera'. Hope you enjoy the celebration party.


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