01 June 2013

Saturday Special

Celine Dion sings the Titanic Song


  1. Such a powerful song sung by such a powerful voice.
    Excellent...thank you.

  2. she has a beautiful voice...and its a great song...saw her perform the other day on tv...wish i could remember the song she was doing....but her performance was amazing...

  3. Oh what a wonderful way to start my day, Valerie! I'm sitting here sipping my morning coffee and enjoying this video!

    Great song and great movie!

    I remember when I first saw it.

    Thanks for the Saturday Special, dear lady!


  4. Pearl, yes, it's a lovely song; so emotional.

    Brian, I love her voice, but I haven't seen her perform for ages.

    Ron, I thought you would like this. I rushed to find the DVD of the film when I heard it. I will watch it this evening.

  5. Beautiful. Gave me goose bumps!!

  6. Oh, coincidence. I just mentioned the Titanic in my last post. Well, I suppose these coincidences happen. I hope you've had a good Saturday Valerie.

  7. Thanks for sharing that Valerie. She has an incredible voice.

  8. quite a talent. I have her early CDs.


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