23 June 2013

Sunday Scenes, from Oz

Alfie, our daughter's dog, seems to be fascinated by Australian television

Or is it the dogs he likes?

Ah, at last, a good looking man. No, Alfie, you can't switch him off. 


  1. hey where did the dogs go, well might as well cut it off now...


  2. Hahaha...maybe he's standing closer so he can hear the dog whisper's whispers? Cute photos.

  3. Valerie, ADORABLE photos!

    He truly looks like he's watching the TV - HA!

    I've seen that show while I was visiting my family in Florida last July. And what a great show!

    Happy Sunday, dear lady!


  4. Hi Ron. I wonder if the show has been shown in the UK. Just had a thought ... I'd better tell daughter her dog is on the blog.

  5. That's so cute Valerie, a real smile bringer.

    If you write to me at I will tell you how to put your link in the text of people's blogs. It's to do with the html code and is real easy. You just store the finished one on a word document or wherever you like to store things, and copy and paste every time.

    Have a great week,
    An English Girl Rambles

  6. Yes that guy bosses the dogs around as he trains them. I am sure the dog doesn't want you to know of any of his points in controlling him.

  7. love it ....
    Teas-e the diva jack russell loves to watch the dvds of Midsomer Murders..
    I can keep her quiet and out of the way just by putting on a video.

  8. Ah...the dog whisperer. No wonder Alfie was so interested in the TV! :-) Heh...

  9. That is so cute. My dog pays no attention to the TV.


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