22 June 2013

Saturday Special

Every year, without fail, the Blue Tits nest in a box right by the kitchen window but only once have I seen the babies leave home. That one time was exciting, though. I should have been on my way to the office but having seen one baby emerge I needed to see them all. There were four fledglings altogether. It was a delightful sight seeing each one teeter on the edge of the hole and then drop to the Cotoneaster hedge below before flying to a nearby branch. There are no babies in this video clip but I managed to capture the parents while they were were busy finding food for their young.

Apologies for the poor slideshow. The pictures were perfect but something went wrong with the preparation of the show. 


  1. What beautiful birds and great photos, Valerie!

  2. ah no apologies needed, very cool pics of the blue tits..smiles...i can hear a bunch of birds off the deck so they added the back ground music for me...happy saturday val

  3. Thanks, Paul.

    Brian, it would have been good to have some twittering on the slideshow.

  4. *clapping*

    Beeeeeautiful birds!

    GREAT slideshow, Valerie!!!!!

    And as Brian shared, no apologies needed because the pics look AWESOME!

    Clever captions too!

    Love the last shot because you captured the flutter of its wings!

    Well done, dear lady!

    Happy Saturday to you!


  5. Yes, Ron, the bird flew off just as I clicked the button. Some birds are really inconsiderate *grins*

  6. Love it! They're such pretty little birds.

  7. thanks for sharing these beautiful birds. there's something magical about any type of blue birds, so pretty!

    we don't have much to look at for birds, here in BC, just robins, crows,'s such a treat to see other colorful types, even if it is online.

    hope you have a wonderful weekend Val and do let me know if you check out or buy from Rhonda's etsy shop. Her prices are very reasonable so I think even with postage, you'd be ahead, in more ways than one. I'm a big fan of Erzulie products, can you tell! ;<)

    Hugs, G

  8. Beautiful Valerie. We had a nestbox in the garden for years but never once did we get a nest in it. It was on top of a pole about 7 ft up and facing south east, right in front of the lilac tree. I followed advice I saw on TV but we were never successful. Finally, we took it down but I want to do it again now I've seen yours. Any advice please? Do you clean it out each year or just leave it? How high is it? Which direction does it face?

  9. I enjoyed these pictures. They looked strangely 3 dimensional to me, but perhaps it was the differential focus... nice shots anyway.

  10. Yes, Jenny, it was all to do with focus.

  11. Star, We have two bird boxes. The one in the picture was placed in entirely the wrong spot. North east facing (I think), close to the house, never cleaned out (the birds do that), and because we live in a bungalow it is on a level with the top of a door leading to the garden, and positioned right by that door. The other box met with all the guidelines for placing nesting boxes... yet never used. At least, not to my knowledge. It is out of sight so we can't actually see it from the house. Hope all this helps. Don't give up!

  12. Hi Geraldine, I will let you know. I'm having a few setbacks with internet right now but will go have look at the etsy shop when all is well again.

  13. Awwwww.......there's no place like home! And it seems they've located a good one--WITH buffet table for meals. *laughing* What pretty things. I want some! ;-)

  14. Sweet !!
    The babies are coming to the feeders and waiting for food.. but I have no idea where the nests are located... none of the 'houses' set out have been occupied.... maybe next year.


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