16 June 2013

Sunday Scenes

Some more awesome pictures for Sunday

Wishing all Dads a Happy Fathers Day


Brian Miller said...

ha. love the pups biting the tail...and that kid with no legs made me tear up and smile at the same time...smiles.

Ron said...

Oh Valerie...what faaaabulous photos!

Loved the one of the cat getting a shot and the owner wincing - HA!

The one of the little boy with no legs is glorious because it contains such victory in spite adversity.

And that last one so precious!

Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Enjoyed looking at these whilst having my morning cup of coffee!


Valerie said...

Brian, I found it had to find a favourite but like you I teared up and smiled over the little lad.

Hi Ron. I liked the dreamy look on the monkey's face. Imagine the courage of that little lad. His broad smile said it all.

DeniseinVA said...

Great choice of photos Valerie, thank you :)
An English Girl Rambles

Montanagirl said...

Oh these are priceless, Val! Thank you for sharing them with us!!

Mel said...

I soooo want a butterfly to land so I can snag that shot. Wonderful...all of them!

ladyfi said...

You found some amazing shots!

Valerie said...

Hello Ladyfi. Lovely to meet you.