24 June 2013

Monday Mirth

I can't, I just CAN'T not share these videos!


veggiesyarnsandtails said...

You're right Val, keep them coming! Hilarious. thanks for the LOL's.

Valerie said...

Hi Geraldine. You're welcome. There's nothing like a bit of humour to start the week.

Brian Miller said...

a one eyed bank robber here for a cup of tea...oh my...haha

i am glad you cant stop these are a treat...smiles.

Mel said...

*laughing* And I'm still laughing at the gnawing bit. OMG.....LOLOL

DeniseinVA said...

I for one am glad you can't stop sharing them, I absolute love them. Thanks for my Monday Morning Mirth Valerie.

Denise xox
An English Girl Rambles

Ron said...


Valerie, I'm so GLAD you CAN'T not share these videos because they are the HIGHLIGHT of my Mondays!!!!

OMG...I laughed so hard at this one, I was coughing!

Truly, this is some of the BEST comedy I have EVER watched!

Thanks, dear lady!

Happy Monday!

Valerie said...

I know, Brian, I roared at that one :0)

Laughing with you, Mel

Thanks, Denise... We need these laughs today :0)

Valerie said...

I laugh so much, Ron, probably because I keep watching...grins. I cannot resist having another giggle.

Pat said...

Keep 'em coming cause these are great!

HermanTurnip said...

These clips are great! Please please please keep 'em coming! Heh...that's too much :-)