06 June 2013

New Camera

Joe bought me a new camera for my Birthday, a Nikon Coolpix P520. I have had Coolpix cameras for some time, the first one went kaput after a while and the second was rather limiting, in other words not doing what I wanted it to do. I was using the iPhone rather than the camera. So when our daughter got herself a better model, yours truly wanted one too.

For the folk who are interested in cameras here is a description of what it does. Skip next paragraph if you don’t want to know.

The Nikon Coolpix P520 is a new super-zoom compact camera with a mechanically-stabilized 42x optical zoom that offers a massive focal range of 24-1000mm. It also offers an innovative side zoom control, a 1/2.3” Back Side Illuminated CMOS sensor with 18.1 megapixels, sensitivity range of ISO 80 to 6400, and full 1080p HD video recording with stereo sound and slow-motion video at up to 120fps. The Nikon P520 appeals further to the keen photographer with a full range of manual shooting modes, burst shooting at seven frames per second, 99-point autofocus system, 3D shooting mode, built-in GPS, support for an optional Wi-Fi dongle which can instantly transfer images and movies to virtually any smart device, and a 3.2-inch 921K-dot vari-angle LCD screen. 
Over the bank holiday weekend we visited the local water park, took a walk around a couple of lakes. The last one we visited was where the herons hang out. It's their nesting site so it's usually guaranteed that we'll see one or two. And we did. It was a perfect spot to practice with the camera. I’ve still got a lot to learn but here are a few beginner's pictures of an active heron:

Please enlarge for a better view


  1. Congrats on the new camera !!!
    I have a Nikon (or 2 ..maybe 5 )
    so I know you will love it.

    The photos are great.. you are
    a natural .

    Happy shuttering .!!

  2. Oooh Faye, Thank you. I'll keep posting pics.

  3. I'm just a point and press kinda gal so I know nothing about cameras but you got some great shots. :)

  4. Congrats on your new camera! Happy shooting!

  5. Yup--point and shoot kinda gal myself! And having a decent camera makes for good photos, even with my willy-nilly way of snapping photos.
    Ohhh...he's CUTE! And you snagged some nice ones! I rarely see their feet. LOL LOOK---FEET! ;-)

  6. oh fun fun...a new toy....and great shots of the bird...they remind me of gift!

  7. Valerie, I can't thank you ENOUGH for sharing this review on your new Nikon because I want to get a new camera myself, but am confused about which one. I too have a Nikon L21 (point and shoot), but would like to upgrade this summer to something a bit more advanced.

    My problem is that I like the convenience and smallness of a point and shoot camera because you can carry it in your pocket, but the one I have doesn't have the ZOOM quality I'd like. Also, it doesn't have a lot of settings. I spoke to a professional photograph a few weeks ago and he said that point and shoot cameras are getting more and more advanced, so he advised me to search a bit more online for them because he too prefers the convenience of a smaller point and shoot.

    Yet, I may have to upgrade to a larger camera if I don't find one. So I thank you for this review!

    I LOVE Nikon cameras!

    AWESOME photos!


    I clicked them to enlarge and they're just faaaaabulous!

    Have fun with your new TOY!!!!!


  8. Thanks, Pearl. It is great fun after the point and shoot, although I'm stll learning.

    Hi Indrani, thank you for your comment, and thanks for visiting.

    Mel, glad you liked the bird's feet :o)

    Brian. Dinosaurs? Perhaps the heron had a former life....grins

  9. Ron. Having owned a Nikon before I found it easier to wade through the menu but I guess other makes would be similar. Faye has a number of Nikons so it must be good. Her photography is brilliant.

  10. I'd say you did a marvelous job capturing this beautiful heron.

    It's a professional photo and a great ad for Nikon.

    Keep taking those pics.

  11. Congrats on the new camera Val. Great photos! I had a point and shoot Cool Pix and even that camera did a great job. Now I've upgraded to a new DSLR by Fuji, just getting the feel of it. I think I've got some learning to do. ;<)

  12. I am very envious of your new camera. I need a new camera and a new computer. I would prefer the former but might have to have the latter!

  13. That's wonderful Valerie, congratulations. Thank you for adding the information. I read with great interest. I always get happy when I see a friend has a new camera, just to see how they are evolving is pretty awesome. Your pictures were brilliant!!!

  14. Awesome camera and pics. Congrats on the new acquisition! It's obvious that you're already putting it to good use, and I'm now looking forward to future photos!

  15. Herman, I will do my best :o)

  16. Thank you, Pam. I aim to give the camera a good workout.

  17. I like. Excellent birthday present. You took some great photos with it and it looks like you are going to enjoy your present a lot. Keep up the good work, Val. You are a talented lady.

  18. Val, thanks for the link to get to this post. Your photos of the Heron are really good! You go, girl ...with that new camera. It appears to be a good one!!


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