27 June 2013

The People's Tenor

The other weekend Joe and I spent some time in Sutton's town centre. Primarily we went to see a new Vintage Market for Crafts on its first visit to the area. There was plenty to look at and photograph, although for me the market was a disappointment. It was the lack of variety that put me off but I guess that was because a couple of weeks before we had seen a far superior craft fair. However, I'm not sorry we went because we were privileged to meet and talk with The People's Tenor.

We were passing a kiddies roundabout at the time ... a roundabout with music, or so we thought. It wasn't the usual jolly kind of music you expect to hear on a kiddies roundabout, it was opera! For a moment I thought I was listening to a rendition by Andrea Bocelli. I noticed some equipment plus amplifier a few yards away and then spotted a table with a pile of CDs on it. The guy selling the CDs was John Innes, otherwise known as The People's Tenor. Just listen to his voice. 

Rejected by music colleges and TV talent shows, Scottish tenor, John Craig Innes, sings in shopping areas to make a living selling his CDs. Without a recording contract and fearing his time to succeed was running out, he spent his savings to hire The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the creative team behind British diva Katherine Jenkins to record his debut album. When sales of his professional album got no easier he self produced a UK concert tour to promote it.

The People's Tenor is a story of perseverance and self-reliance of an inspiring character for our current times. John Innes is an outsider trying to break into the music industry on his own terms, but his story is for outsiders from all walks of life. 

John has raised a lot of money for Help for Heroes, the charity that helps our brave wounded servicemen, and the CD we bought was made for that purpose. 

Now, when I'm in the car I drive to opera and enjoy every minute of it.

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  1. Have to admire someone who has
    a dream and keeps going no matter
    what obstacles life puts in the way.

    .. and Val.. I sometimes sing
    'opera' while in the shower...

  2. what a great story Val, inspiring! I wish him all the best, he deserves to succeed.

    Sending some warm sunshine your way!

    Hugs, G

  3. I've not heard of him before but what a amazing voice and an amazing man.

  4. Interesting, Faye. Could you record your opera so we can hear it :O)

    He does deserve to succeed, Geraldine. Thanks for the sunshine, I hope it lasts.

    Pearl, we hadn't heard of him, either. I'm spreading the word!

  5. Wow--there's a man with a dream who's chasing it. I hope he's enjoying the journey. What a voice!

  6. cool story...and def if you have a dream chase it like can def make it if you are willing not to give up....very cool val

  7. Mel, I hope he makes it to the top.

    Brian, I admire his determination as well as his talent.

  8. Valerie, I can't thank you enough for sharing this post and the amazing talent and story of John Craig! Before I left this comment, I went over to You Tube and watched one of his documentaries.

    WOW! What an inspiring man! His story of how he got to where he is today was so touching. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

    And what an amazing voice!

    You GO, John!

    Again, thank you for sharing this post today, dear lady! Thoroughly enjoyed it.


  9. Ron, I am delighted that you took the trouble to follow this through. I agree, his background and everything only goes to make him the man he became. Like you I was damp-eyed after reading about him.

  10. I hope he succeeds. He certainly has a wonderful voice.

  11. That is awesome! Loved how he sang "We Are The Champions" and had the audience finish the line. Made my smile! The world could do with a little more Freddy Mercury...

  12. Hi Herman. Just got your comment - you landed in my spam box!! Anyway, I'm pleased you liked the post... I too liked Freddie Mercury. He was the best, especially when he sang Barcelona. Of course, I have the Queen CDs.

  13. Thank you for introducing this young man to us Valerie. What a magnificent voice he has and what an inspiration. I wish him every success, the music industry should be snapping him up.
    An English Girl Rambles


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