30 May 2013


We’ve acquired new curtains for the lounge.

We took down the old gold ones down when the decorator came to paint and paper our lounge but when we put them back up the darn curtain track broke. Not a serious issue, you might think, but then you hadn’t seen the style of fitting.

The system for hanging curtains was very tidy since the fittings were behind a built on, box-like wooden pelmet. However, once the track broke we were unable to fix it.  No room to manoeuvre, you see, plus neck, spine, eyesight and, in my case, height problems preventing us from fixing curtain hooks in the confined space, let alone repair a kaput track.

 After much thought I we decided the best way forward was to have a pole, with eyelets in the curtains. So while the cat was away this year the mouse set things in motion.

Jim, the fitter, was in shop when I called. When he heard what I was ordering he said to remember that style of curtaining meant we’d have to adjust the ‘fall’ ourselves. Geez, hadn’t I been adjusting the fall years before pencil pleats were invented. How lazy people have become if they can’t adjust a curtain. Anyway, I went on to describe the dilemma concerning the pelmet and he agreed to call round to assess the situation.

Jim came the next day. Of course, he would have to dismantle what was there, the pelmet and the wooden base that was secured to the wall, and had been since the house was built, but he assured me the job could be done. Nothing, he said, was insurmountable.

I went ahead, ordered the curtains and paid a deposit (hoping I was doing the right thing) and a date was fixed for Jim to come out and wreck the wall.

He actually made a decent job of removing the pelmet with no serious damage. There were a few holes and the area would have to be plastered and redecorated which meant contacting (with fingers crossed) Rod, the decorator. I didn’t hold out much hope of him being able to do the job when we wanted it done. However, we were in for a pleasant surprise. Rod said he would fit us in with another job in time for Jim to come out and fix the poles. Wow, such co-operation is rare in these parts. It went a long way to renewing my faith in workmen.

Rod did a superb job, plastering one day, wallpapering the next (we still had some of the paper) and painting the day after. Each stage took an hour but of course the work had to dry before he could continue.

Now the curtains are up and the lounge is looking ultra-smart. It’s a pity my iPhone didn’t do justice to the colour of the curtains. The first picture should be a little more yellow and the second should definitely NOT have a pink hue. It’s all down to light, I guess. Oh well, I can’t win ‘em all.

It’s amazing how things fall into place. After the curtain hanging was completed, we turned our minds to the disposal of the old ones. They were dry-cleaned when we took them down the first time, so I put them in two bags.... one in each. Gosh, they were heavy. We decided to look out for charities that also collect curtains and it didn’t take long. In fact, as I was typing this the next charity bag was pushed through the door ... and it specifically asked for curtains. Since one bag wouldn’t be enough, Joe rushed out to try and catch the guy who delivered it and he, Joe, came back with a couple more bags. All we have to do now is put the filled bags outside to await collection. How easy was that? Pretty soon our old curtains will be on their way to providing help for children with cancer. Thank goodness our timing was right. 


  1. I can appreciate your problem: we wanted to change all the curtains when we re-occupied our UK home and were told “No one uses that type of curtain fitting system now”. We had to replace all curtains and fittings: of course the fixtures for the new fittings don't fit or mask over the holes of the old. We feel, like you probably do, in the end the hassle and extra expense was worth it.

  2. Hello Val. Just looking at those things gives me the shivers. Too close to hanging a valance, I guess. I just stopped by to say I'm all done on The Porch now, and to thank you for your part in the fun we had. What the future holds, I don't know. For now I'm going back to being an Englishman and spending the summer in the garden... if it ever stops raining! So long Val.

  3. smiles...i am glad you found a place for the old once...the new ones are very nice...i really like the stitching on them....

  4. Sometimes, just sometimes, things go to plan. :)

    Love the new curtains Valerie. :)

  5. Val, I almost forgot something...

    *Whispers* I saved you three bottles of whiskey. That ought to keep you going for a couple of hours. *wink*

  6. Hi Elliot. The upheaval was worth it. Wishing now all the windows were done the same.

  7. Mr V. I'm not totally surprised by the news. Pity things had to be spoiled so. Enjoy the Summer, and don't forget that book! So long, Mr.V.

  8. Brian, it's nice to think the old curtains will provide funds for the charity.

    Pearl, yes, sometimes they do!

  9. We took down the old drapes from the living room window after moving into this house. We chose to have vertical blinds. Very easy, classy looking, and easy to clean.

  10. " Pretty soon our old curtains will be on their way to providing help for children with cancer. Thank goodness our timing was right."

    That is so AWESOME, Valerie!

    Everything seemed to work out PERFECTLY!

    And I have to say, I LOVE the curtains (the color and pattern) and way you had them hung. I really like the look of curtains hung via a pole and eyelets - neat, simple, and also very practical. Because it's like a shower curtain - you can simply open and close them so easily. I had those type curtains in one of my apartments in Florida.

    Well done, dear lady. They look faaaaabulous!


  11. Hi Ron. I didn't realise how out of date we were.... apparently everybody has poles instead of tracks! Still, we were able to do our good deed for the day.

  12. Speaking as one who hung new curtains in my newly decorated bedroom today, I understand how you feel. A simple job turns into an expensive marathon. I think your new curtains look very nice. I will be posting on my new bedroom soon.

  13. Nice choice! Glad it all worked out. And a good donation, too.
    The curtains in our dining room have tabs at the top and they go over a pole. Problem is the poles are black, which went with the decor years ago but not currently. It's not terribly noticeable as most things DON'T match in our house anyway. ;)

  14. The curtains are really snazzy.

    I like to keep things simple myself, so the curtains in the pole holes, on the rod, does the trick for me. Or something like that.

    Glad to know the old curtains are going to a really great cause.

    I like the whiskey idea.

  15. I can't believe that we've had our house for five years, but have not purchased curtains for the sliding glass door facing the backyard. I have to make an effort someday to pick some up!

  16. Ohhh..I adore moments like this when things just turn out! Good for you. After reading here I glanced at the drapes drapes here....uh huh....thinking that's on the list to replace! LOL. I'll blame you! ;-)

  17. Mary, I wondered about the tabs but then decided on the eyelets. Some of the poles came with rings for curtain hooks to go in, I shuddered at having to do that job again.

    Pam, the whisky was a joke.... honestly!

    Herman, if you're not overlooked it's okay to do without curtains. Think of all the extra washing or drycleaning!

    Mel, I can take the blame; my shoulders are broad.... looks in mirror to check!

  18. After nearly 20 years, we finally took down the blinds and replaced them with thermal curtains. What a different that made in heat control! The western sun always made that room like an oven. Why didn't we do that sooner!

  19. The new curtains are fabulous, and I am glad the old ones found such a great home. Glad it all worked out well. Have a great weekend Val.

  20. Susan, right this minute I'd give a lot for a hot room... smiles. I wondered about blinds but I decided they wouldn't look right in our lounge.


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