12 May 2013

Sunday Scenes

These shots are the last of Vigo, Spain, before they are removed from computer to remote hard drive. There they will reside, probably untouched and never viewed. It's a bit like storing pictures in a box where they never see the light of day.
This shop gave the place a bad name. It needed a new owner!
Trees make wonderful subjects for a photographer!
I forget who owned this house, but I thought the creeper on the wall  was magnificent. 
One of Vigo's wonderful walkways
Now if I had a proper camera I would have made a better job of capturing the falling water 
A walkway on the sea front
This church was closed to visitors
An area in the restaurant where we waited .....  
.... for it to open
View from restaurant ... taken outside!
Another attractive walkway
The rest of the pictures speak for themselves

Goodbye Vigo!


  1. ah the walk way is very the view of the sprawl of the city as you are leaving as well....lovely scenes...

  2. What lovely photos, Valerie!

    The one of the home and surrounding gardens are magnificent! And the view from that restaurant is just stunning!

    "It's a bit like storing pictures in a box where they never see the light of day."

    I giggled when I read that because it's so true. Nowadays all are photos are stored on a hard drive, while years and years ago, we stored them in a box - which I STILL have.

    Thank you for sharing your tour of Spain. Enjoyed it, dear lady!

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!


  3. Thanks, Brian. I'm glad you liked the scenes.

    Hi Ron. I too have photographs that are not on the computer... mine are in big wallets, labelled ready to pass on to appropriate people. Haha I look at them now and again.

  4. So beautiful Val, thanks for sharing. A place I always wanted to visit. :<)

  5. Hi Val, Ooops, my hubbie Joe was still signed on the computer from last night (silly blogger!) so that's my comment above. :<)

  6. Hi Joseph, nice to meet you. Geraldine explained lol. Did you know you made a comment??

    Geraldine, so we both have a Joseph...

  7. All lovely pictures. I love the one of the tree! And the walkways are fantastic!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. Beautiful pictures, Val. Better to keep them in a vault than nowhere.

  9. nice shots Val. maybe some day I can getaway to sunny Spain

  10. Love the arching walkway and the ocean views! As always, thanks for sharing your pics! Makes me long for a vacation :-)

  11. You're welcome, Herman. Will you have a vacation soon?

  12. Mr V. I'd hate to get rid of my photographs, so a vault would be a good place to keep them.

  13. The walk ways are fantastic--and what a view. OH my and the mister really need a get-away. Even if it's a short one.


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