19 May 2013

Sunday Scenes

Ships and cranes and things at sea
taken during the Canaries Cruise in 2009. 

The ship we sailed on

We called at
La Coruna, Madeira (Portugal),  Las Palma (Spain), Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lisbon (Portugal) and Vigo (Spain) so these pictures could be anywhere in that lot. 


  1. I wanna little yellow tug boat. I think that was my favorite--well, that and the military ship just hangin' at the dock. I'd never tire of watching boats, no matter the size. Lucky you for being so close to the sea.

  2. pretty cool...would love to be back by a port and watch the boats in and out....lovely bit of pics...hey ikea! wish we had one of those closer too...smiles.

  3. I want to take a cruise one of these days,

  4. Another fabulous set of travel photos, Valerie!

    I giggled at the boat with Ikea printed on its side because that's one of my favorite home stores. WOW...they have Ikea's in Spain too?

    Especially loved the ones of the sail boats. I once experienced sailing on boat and loved it. It's a totally different experience than a motor boat because you hear nothing but the sails flapping in the wind, as the boat sails across the water. It's awesome!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Happy Sunday...X

  5. Mel, I could watch boats all day and not get bored *sigh*

    Brian, I have never been in Ikea but I would happily have looked round that boat.

    BC, I hope you make it.

    Ron, I am envious that you got to sail on one of those sail boats. Sadly it is one dream that will never come true.

  6. great shots... you make me want to
    go cruisin........

    and I will take the IKEA boat !!

  7. Ikea ship? *Now* I've seen everything! Heh...

  8. Nice photos, but a lot of water! Too much for me, unfortunately. Oh, how I love the idea of a cruise.. been on two actually. They didn't agree with me, sorry to say. Motion sickness. *sigh* Atleast I did try and got to see places I wouldn't have otherwise.


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