05 May 2013

Sunday Scenes

Pictures taken in Slovenia

Inside Tito's Palace, now a summer residence
Inside a cave, near Bled
Another view of the cave
A black swan
Church in the middle of Lake Bled. We stayed in a hotel right by the lake.
Inside Llubljana Cathedral
Llubljana waterway

Vintgar Gorge, one of our favourite places to visit. The walkway can be seen on the right hand  side of the picture.


Brian Miller said... the cave shots...used to go caving all the time and find places like all the pics though...def speaks to me need to travel..ha

Mel said...

HAPPY cow! LOL I love cows.

And I sooooooooo wanna try that gorge walk. When I have both legs under me, of course. LOL NOTsomuch on crutches. But wow...look at that view!

Ron said...

Really, really, really awesome photos, Valerie!

Love the one of the church in the middle of the lake. It almost looks like a little castle!

Also, the photos of the canals reminded me of my time visiting Amsterdam.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Sunday, dear lady!


veggiesyarnsandtails said...

What interesting scenes. I loved the black swan, saw one years ago when I lived in Toronto and couldn't stop looking at it at the time, so gorgeous!

Hope you have a wonderful week Val. I'll be back for some MIRTH soon. ;<) I'm assuming it's a Monday regular feature?

Hugs, G

Valerie said...

Thanks, Brian. Caves are fascinating.... and usually damp... smiles.

Hi Geraldine. I was fascinated by the swan, the only one I've ever seen. See you Monday... grins.

Hey Ron, I've been to Amsterdam.. Loved it. I took Joe there for a surprise big birthday long weekend. Should go again really. Yes, the church on the island at Bled was like a castle. It made a great picture scene.

faye said...

Great shots .... that church looks fabulous and would require a lot of time to view

HermanTurnip said...

That's great! I love caves, especially tours in some of the largest caves. There's no sense of danger, but there's a huge sense of wonderment as you gaze upon some of the most delicate and awe-inspiring formations ever created by nature.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

I think I would enjoy that trip too. They are such beautiful places. After the gorge and the lake, I would have to get a new camera because of the pictures I would take.

DeniseinVA said...

That must have been a wonderful holiday. Great photos Valerie!

Valerie said...

You're right, Herman. Caves are awesome. I particularly like the ones with lakes that you can take boats on.

Akelamalu said...

Lovely photos Valerie. :)

Valerie said...

Thanks, Pearl.

Jenny Woolf said...

It looks like a fine place. I would like to see Tito's palace - I wonder if, like many dictators' palaces, it is all for show and really a bit tatty as soon as it is not brand new any more?

CrystalChick said...

Well, I've seen the movie 'Black Swan' never the real animal though. lol
All your photos are wonderful. I do especially like the church on the lake one. Also, the walkway looked quite interesting.
And caves, oh, they are really neat.