11 May 2013

Peanuts, in great demand.

The other day I forgot to put nuts out for the birds and/or squirrel. I remembered everything else. Honestly, my memory could give the Wildlife Restaurant a bad name. I might even have to strike peanuts from the menu (click here to see the menu)

Since there were two full feeders for the birds I had started limiting the amount of peanuts I put out because the squirrel pinches every one. In fact, he pinches everything... seed, suet, meal worm,  apples, pears, nuts ... or so I thought. I was idling in the kitchen, just gazing out of the window, when a Jay flew across the garden and headed towards the bird table. I bet he was astonished to find only a few seeds and meal worm; we were right out of suet, for some reason there’d been a run on it. So, guilt-ridden, I rushed to make amends.

Armed with a handful of peanuts I went outside. Upon seeing me, the Jay flew off the table, into a nearby tree, a good spot for him to keep watch. After placing some of the nuts on the table, I scattered the rest on the lawn and slowly walked back towards the house. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement so turned to look. And there was the Jay scurrying behind me eating through the trail of peanuts. 

For a few days he waited on a low branch of the tree, watching and waiting for me to throw out the nuts. He's braver now. He's discovered the bird bath situated near the house, providing us with a good view of him. 

So now I’m wondering who or what actually was eating all the peanuts. Perhaps I misjudged the squirrel! Maybe it was the Jay all the time. I could be accused of slandering the squirrel. Does anyone know if defamation of character is an offence in the animal kingdom?

Oh dear, I could be prosecuted, used as an example to others who lay blame where it’s not deserved and deny squirrels their right to eat. Oh dear, I could be imprisoned in a cage. If that happens I hope it's a big one ... I could never squeeze into a narrow bird-feeder.


  1. awww poor squirrel...smiles...jays can be little beasts....they are cute too though...but squirrels are def my favs...

  2. Haha you found the culprit!

  3. Poor squirrels---they get all the blame.....
    Oh, we have a pair of blue jays that like to think they own the joint. And THEN.....the northern flicker and the hairy woodpecker show up. LOLOL Bye bye Mr. Blue Jay. I think it's their ominous looking beak? I've never actually seen 'em take on the jays.
    Oh, but the poor squirrel. I tell ya, they get a bad rep.
    I ask mine all the time..and they tell me "ain't me, ma' were them other fellas...." ;-)

  4. "Does anyone know if defamation of character is an offence in the animal kingdom?"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Valerie, that killed me. And I LOVED your last paragraph!!!

    The poor little squirrels get blamed for eating everything. Now mind you, they ARE little piggies, but they're just so darn cute I never have the heart to shoo them away.

    FUN post, dear lady!

    Happy Saturday!


  5. Ahh..mystery solved.

    sometimes stray cats and dogs will eat just about anything too.

    Happy Weekend Val, G

  6. Hmm... the Jay might have been the one in this case but I wouldn't completely let the squirrels off the hook as they are probably plotting and scheming something. ha!

  7. Brian, the squirrels used to be my favourites until they wore my patience ... smiles.

    Pearl, I certainly did... at least that time :O)

    Mel, our squirrels are thieves and they don't care who sees them stealing the food. It's an ongoing battle with them :o/

  8. Ron, I knew you would catch the bit of fun at the end. Maybe I should have started with a fun vein and carried it through.

  9. Mary, you said it.. those darn squirrels are brilliant at plotting and scheming. The trouble is it turns them into wreckers especially of bird feeders.

  10. Gloria, I guess we're lucky just to have the squirrels. I couldn't cope with stray dogs and cats as well... grins.

  11. Well what do you know! I've never seen a jay in my garden but I did see a fieldfare last year. As you describe your place as a Wildlife Restaurant, I suppose the word soon gets around!

  12. Oh you're just too funny, Val. Blue Jays love peanuts, but then so do squirrels!

  13. No jays in my yard.... Just a ba-zillion squirrels and they do eat everything

  14. LOLOL, Joe. Why didn't I think of that?


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