18 May 2013

Saturday Special

Smart Cats


Akelamalu said...

LOL cute!

Brian Miller said...

lol...but can they play angry birds on it?


Mel said...

Mean human! LOL Taunting the poor things.... Actually, looks like amusement for the human(s) involved. *snickering*

Ron said...

Valerie, that's adorable!

I love the look on the black and white kitty's face, as he looks over to the other kitty as if to say, "Do you hear that?!?!?"


I amazes me all the apps you can get for an iPhone!!!!

Happy Saturday, dear lady!


mypoeticpath said...

Oh that got Ched's attention, he was sitting on my lap as I watched this. TOOOO funny! Thanks for all the smiles here Val, you rock!

Valerie said...

Agree, Pearl.

Brian, Angry Birds would make them very frustrated...smiles

Mel, as you know adults take great delight in teasing...smiles.

Ron, the black and white one is the spitting image of my old cat. I was quite emotional watching this video. The iPhone and pad are remarkable

Geraldine, I hope Mr Ched enjoyed the clip....smiles.

faye said...

cute... I would never do that to
my dog... she would break the iphone.