02 May 2013

Let loose in the car park!

Visiting our local shopping mall usually means parking in the high-rise car park, a very good place because its floors lead to different stores. Two big stores actually have back doors leading directly to the car park; it’s a godsend for car drivers. If I want to visit the top floor of the biggest store in town I go to the penultimate floor in the car park. From there it is a short walk to the entrance of the store. The same applies for other stores in the vicinity and drivers have learned to park at the nearest exit point or the nearest lift.

I am one of those happy motorists who always find an appropriate parking space. If Joe is driving, I’m usually the one that finds the empty spots. Quite often, if he sees a place, he swears it’s because I’m with him.

The subject of parking was a recent topic of conversation with my hair stylist, who claims to be the world’s worst at spotting suitable spaces. It is something I don’t understand because of my flair for seeking out vacant areas.

You would have laughed if you’d witnessed a recent experience.

I went into town and followed my usual routine of driving right up to the exit door and THEN looking for a place to park. Many times I have noticed drivers grabbing the first place they see instead of being brave enough to venture further in where the empty spaces are. I guess that’s the secret of my success. As ever, there were one or two where I expected them to be.

First was a slot next to a huge 4x4 that took up more space than it should. I had no chance of squeezing in beside it, AND miss a concrete pillar that divided the spaces, AND be able to climb out. So I moved on to the next available space. 

It was tight but I thought I could do it. Then I noticed that there were two spaces in the row behind. Ooooh, I thought, it would be easier to go into that lane and drive forwards instead of reversing. So I angled the car ready to drive round the back, just as a couple more cars entered my lane. It only took a few seconds to go round, by which time the other cars had moved forward ready to enter the spot I was leaving. Only they didn’t count on this old lady being a step ahead. While one was preparing to drive in the newly vacated slot, I had shot round the back and was driving into the same slot with a look of pure innocence on my face.

The moral of this story is ... never trust an oldie in a car 


  1. haha...i hate to think what they were saying inside their cars...smiles...ha....the worst is christmas time trying to park...people get insane....

  2. Ah. So YOU'RE the one I'm waiting kindly for...and left holding the bag. Ah HA. :-/
    That's okay--I laugh every time that happens. It's good that I'm not the only 'creative problem solver'. LOL

  3. Such crazy drivers here ... it is safer to park a little further out and away from the store entrance... fewer dings and scratches that way...

  4. "The moral of this story is ... never trust an oldie in a car"

    Bwhahahahahahaha! BRAVA, Valerie! You GO, girl!!!!!

    LOVED this post!

    It's funny, but when I used to have a car and drive, I used to do this strange "mental thing" where I would envision an open parking space close to the mall entrance, that was just for ME. And by george, it always seemed to work because there would (most of the time) be an open spot!

    Now by problem would always be REMEMBERING where I park my car when I left the mall - HA!

    Happy Thursday, dear lady!


  5. Brian, I can imagine what they were saying...grins.

    Mel, yes, I'm the one :O)

    Faye, we have crazy drivers as well. Lots of them.

    Ron, how great is that. In effect you were organising a parking space in advance. Wonderful. I've found a way of remembering where the car is... I find a 'landmark' and etch into the memory.

  6. Always find a good parking space...interesting, maybe a case of mind over matter?

    You always write such interesting, fun posts Val, great to stop by.

    And you're not an oldie, you're a goodie!!!

  7. I bet they called you some names! ;)

    I always call on the parking angel and she never lets me down. :)

  8. You're the polar opposite from me. I can *never* find a spot when I need one. But if I have the wife in the car with me she always finds the perfect spot to park. I think that's her super power, if you ask me...

  9. Herman, it must be a woman thing!!

    Pearl, I wonder if parking angel would help a few men!

    Geraldine, you are good for my ego. Thank you.

  10. Need to take you along with me as Lea and I don't seem to have your good luck. Being a recent invalid has made me more aware of parking.

  11. LOL indeed. Nice work Val and nice story too. Hope you have a great weekend.

  12. I normally do not park close up to the store. I park further out so I can get in and out of the parking lot easier. Besides, I need the exercise the walk gives me.

  13. I know I would be calling you names if it was me, but I would just have to move on and laugh.


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