15 May 2010

No Hiding Place

(picture courtesy of Allied Fire and Security)

Burglars must be happy now that so-called security conscious inventors have simplified the search for valuables. In order to offload newfangled devices onto the purchasing public, creators assist the opportunist thief by advertising in mail order catalogues. No longer must the intruder search for spoils when time is of the essence. No, he can plan it in the sanctuary of his own home.

Skimming through the free brochures that are delivered to our door whether we want them or not (yes, folks, I read anything!) I have seen nifty letter racks illustrated in colour, with a visual description of how they work and an accompanying text which read like this: this practical letter rack is a safe storage place for money, jewellery, keys etc, the hidden secret compartment turns the rack into a safe, making life hard for thieves and crooks.’ Great, thinks the burglar, from the confines of his easy chair.

Other clever innovations are the pseudo books, magic boxes with hidden keys (lightweight and easy to shove in a pocket and/or bag), imitation baked bean tins or soup, depending on your fancy (all used by yours truly before free brochures were thought of), fake burglar alarms, a stone for the garden under which ‘you can hide your house key’ and a coat hanger with a hidden compartment, a cumbersome object that would stand out like a sore thumb amongst ordinary hangers.

I know intruders are on the lookout for rewarding booty, stuff that can be disposed of quickly so it’s terribly convenient for him to be offered details of new hiding paces for our possessions, the diamonds for example or the keys to the Merc. With these trivial items searched and out of the way he can concentrate his high speed activities on renewing the laptops, televisions and mobile phones.

Even if he doesn’t read the brochures I reckon he’s pretty clued up on what to look for, and where, but I pray nobody purchases one of these gadgets in the hope that they will save their valuables from falling into the wrong hands.


  1. I always thought the psuedo safe in a tin of beans was a good idea and with the amount of tins I have in my store cupboard a burglar would never have found my valuables had I bothered to buy one! LOL

  2. Very true Valerie, but has anyone got any valuables left after what the tax-man and fuel companies have taken from us. It is a good idea to hide your car keys though. Cars are very hard to steal nowadays without them.
    I hide mine in the xxxxxxxxx, that should fool them! :)

  3. i have found the greatest deterent to be not having anything of

  4. If one does purchase a safe, one shouldn't let others know...
    It's like a "come and get" it invitation to thugs and thieves.
    I smiled when I read your comment, "Yes,folks, I read anything"....
    Have a good weekend my friend.

  5. SOOOOO very true, dear Val...I've often thought those items rather silly...especially the phony rock for hiding your key! Heaven help us! The only one fooled by that would be a family member! LOL...Great post! You use your humor to drive home your point extremely well! You are such a good matter what you tackle or how you tackle it, it is always a pleasure to read your words! Love, Janine XO

  6. It is amazing what gets marketed to the public these days, and it is even more amazing what the public buys. Exhibit A - the Snuggie. Hope all is well. Take care.

  7. Hi Valerie:)

    Very informative and useful post.

    The best thing to do is keep our valuables such as ornaments and documents etc. in the bank locker.

    In any case the thieves are always ahead of the various inventions. If they cannot break open a box,they will just carry it away so that they can break it at leisure.

    Best wishes:)

  8. I think those are some silly ideas too. I should think of a silly one. I bet I could make some money!!


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