01 May 2010

The Wanderer Returns

Yes, after five weeks, two more than expected because of Iceland's volcanic eruption, the wanderer has returned. He didn't come empty handed either, bringing a quantity of souvenirs which I thought I would share with you.

First, let's have a cuppa!

Bringing a boomerang was a good idea, you never know when the opportunity to use it may arise

I don't know anyone who has a gold prospecting dish in their house, let alone bottled gold

Beautiful Kangaroo and baby

Tea mug with picture of Laughing Kookaburra

Five fridge magnets

Model of the famous Puffing Billy

And a gift from Emirates to make the journey more comfortable

I also have the lady's bag but Blogger didn't want me to show it. It's pale ecru and contains a variety of toiletries by BVLGARI ... nourishing handcream and face cream, perfume, and a refreshing towel ... plus a leather covered mirror, toothpaste, folding toothbrush, hairbrush and comb. As you can see the passengers got suede eyeshades and a pair of comfortable socks.


  1. oh...oh..i want to play with the boomerang! smiles. cool stuff...

  2. Good to hear your man is back home and he brought some great souvenirs! I absolutely love the glass kangaroo and joey - it would look lovely in my glass cabinet (hint, hint).

    I love those comfort bags you get on aircraft. We got upgraded to business class coming back from Bankok and the steward gave us a bag from 1st class as well as one from business class. The 1st class bags are really something!

  3. What a fantastic assortment of goodies. All I ever get is a
    shot glass ... send the wanderer
    over this way !!

  4. What a fantastic assortment of goodies. All I ever get is a
    shot glass ... send the wanderer
    over this way !!

  5. Like the boomerang as well :-)


  6. Wow! So glad he's finally made it home! What a trip! And it looks like he really missed you! Love the glass kangaroo...I'm a softy for hand-blown glass...Love you so much! Janine XO

  7. Hubby did great, Val! 'Kookabura' made me smile....memories of a song I used to teach my 4th grade students to sing, "Kookabura sits in the old gum tree...Merry Merry king of the bush is he..!" (etc.)
    It's been a while since I've thought of that song.
    Can Hubby throw the boomerang (so that it comes back? :)) ) I could throw it...but would have to 'fetch' it because it would never return to me.
    I have a prospecting pan that I bought in North Carolina...thought I'd strike it rich one day....but mine is plastic...not as authentic as yours! :))
    I love your gifts.....and glad that he is safely home.

  8. "oh...oh..i want to play with the boomerang!"
    All yours Brian,
    I want to play with the "Puffing Billy".
    Please...... :)

  9. What a lovely selection of goodies! Funny enough, yesterday, my freind Hazel gave my 2 dogs a hide boomerang each, to chew on.


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