17 May 2010

Tipping the Scales

Tipping the Scales
Judy Rose

This morning when I weighed myself, I got an awful fright…
For the weight that came up on the dial was certainly not right.
I’ve really had it with these scales, they’re utterly misleading,
I slid them over to the bath to get a second reading.
Again the weight that registered was ridiculously high,
I moved them back towards the loo to have another try.
The pointer stubbornly remained just under ten stone three…
I raised one foot and then breathed in, but all quite fruitlessly.
My last hope was the carpet, so I moved to softer ground,
Just to suffer more frustration I’d gained another pound.
I’ll really have to face the fact these scales have had their day.
They simply can’t deliver me an honest, spot-on weigh.
A brand new, high-tech digital would really be the bizz,
I need top-notch equipment now that tells it like it is.
And passing by the mirror, I catch sight of my reflection,
It’s not a picture that inspires, a more in-depth inspection,
But I am not at all perturbed by the vision that appears,
That mirror distorts everything, it’s been like that for years


Akelamalu said...

Oh I so know that feeling! :0

Great poem Valerie. :)

Brian Miller said...

smiles. its been like that for years....nice.

Teacher's Pet said...

You are a master with words, Val...
And I've learned the term 'stone'...I love learning the new (to me) words you use...just love that!
This is a great poem.
Hugs to you from Jackie

Valerie said...

Hello my blogging friends. I wish I could write poetry like this but I have to admit that I can't... and didn't. It was written by a lady called Judy Rose, as stated in the heading.

faye said...

You really need two scales..
always have a back-up. It helps if
they differ by a kilo or more.

Kath said...

I know that feeling only too well!

septembermom said...

Awesome poem Valerie. Very witty. I hide from scales all the time :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Her poem is fantastic!!! Expresses how I feel EXACTLY!!! I'm going to copy this one down and post it on my refrigerator...Love, love, love it! Love you! Janine XO