17 November 2011

Creativity Week

Last weekend I decided that as my stock of homemade greeting cards was running low it was about time I got cracking and made some more.

The first two are Pergamano style cards, i.e. making pictures by stretching the parchment. I like doing this but it does make the old fingers ache; consequently I don't make too many. The design doesn't show up very well because the parchment is virtually see-through. A coloured background has to be used to show it to good effect.
Some people call this paper lace but I don't do too much lacy stuff, just the chosen design.

The next batch are computer generated. What would we do without computers?

Goodness only knows why the next picture ended up on its side, it was straight when I took the picture!

Ah, back to normal I see!

Next is a style of decoupage but not the 3-D sort. Decoupage is French for the art of cutting paper. I had lots of bits and with them created this picture.

I was shown how to do this at WI - it's a one off, I won't make another one.

And this is a small gift package. I used balloon patterned paper and thought I would try and trim it with a bunch of balloons to hide the seal. I curled the individual cut-outs as best I could but it wasn't a huge success.

And that's it for another twelve months.


  1. Lovely work Val, I have never seen the Pergamano techinque. It is beautiful.

  2. Wow!

    I like the parchment/lacy ones. Those are cool!

    Yup--it's that time of year when the card making supplies get moved to the table and we don't see it for a good week or two. LOL
    It's good fun.......until you're on #60 and you're done but the card making isn't. ;-)

  3. nice those first two...they are really are multi talented...smiles.

  4. They all look good to me. Glad they don't mention Christmas yet.

  5. Yes, Kathm Pergamano is very pretty and satisfying to do.

    Mel, I'm lucky I have a separate room that I use for cardmaking.

    Brian, thank you, and thank you again... smiles.

    John, Christmas cards are done! I cheated and bought them from a shop.

  6. Valerie, Valerie, Valerie, I am SOOOOOOO impressed!

    OMG...these are faaaaaaaaaabulous!

    Not only are you an amazing writer, but a CRAFTY person as well!

    Love them ALL, but those lacy ones are so original and unique. I've never seen anything like them! They look like delicate lace handkerchiefs.


    You GO, dear lady!

    Thanks so much for sharing this post. REALLY enjoyed it!

    Have a lovely weekend.....X

  7. Good afternoon, Ron. I'm so pleased you enjoyed looking at some of my work. Yes, the 'lacy' cards are attractive. It's a lovely hobby, although it does make my fingers ache nowadays...grins.

  8. Very pretty cards. Some techniques I haven't seen before.

  9. Awesome, Val. You are as talented with the cards as you are with the words. The recipients of these cards will be lucky folks for sure. Have a good weekend.


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