01 November 2011



  1. I think I'm missing something here Valerie #:(

  2. I want to pick up my crossword puzzle :) Enjoyed my visit here today Valerie, it's been fun catching up with all your posts.

  3. Faaaaaabulous image, Valerie!

    And I envy you because I'm terrible at crossword puzzles!

    Btw, I forgot to mention this yesterday when I stopped by...LOVE your new blog header!

    Have a great day, dear lady!


  4. the peroxide vapour spoon...i think there might be a song in there....smiles.

  5. Well, Pearl, I didn't help by not giving you a 'clue'

    Denise, good to see you. I know you've been busy.... too busy to do crosswords, I bet.

    Brian, this gets funnier... if you could write a song with those words you could make a fortune.

  6. Ron, I have to tell you that I did finish the puzzle. I find crosswords therapeutically relaxing.

    Thanks for showing your approval for the blog header.... it will change again for Christmas... hehehehee

  7. LOL And I focused on potroast, dangit. I had to go back to find vapour.

    I like a good crossword puzzle--however it tends to irritate the world around me when I whiz through 'em and they're left glaring.

    I say 'English Major'.
    They just say-- weird.

  8. Love the daily crosswords.. I do the online version from

  9. You're lucky. My handwriting looks like that of a chicken with Parkinson's. It's a terrible sight to behold...


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