11 November 2011

What is it?

What do you think this is?
Answer to be posted tomorrow

For 'light' entertainment, have a look at this:

I would love to be out there watching it for real.


  1. Love the new header pic and your new photo, you do look happy and freindly :-D
    I have always had a dream to see the Northern lights for real.

  2. Thanks Kath. I thought it was about time I updated the picture. I would love to see the Northern Lights, especially somewhere like Lapland.

  3. Beautiful light show! Thanks for sharing that. :)
    Hmm.... what is that?? The plastic spout of a water bottle?

    Hope you're enjoying a nice weekend.

  4. Well, I'm totally stumped at "What's This" but I'm going to take a guess...

    Is it some sort of on/off switch?

    Can't wait to find out what it really is.

    LOVED the video. WOW! Isn't nature breathtaking?

    And I have to chime in with Kath and say, "Love your new photo on your sidebar!"

    Hope you're enjoying a glorious Saturday, dear lady!


  5. I'm going to guess a light switch???

    Your blog looks wonderful Val :)

    Thanks so much for your friendship, kindness and prayers. It means so much to me! Hugs...Kelly

  6. That's a real tough one, Valerie. Hmm, maybe it's an air freshener?

  7. oh my i got no clue...

    nice, love the pic too!

  8. I don't know what the object is - but I LOVED the Northern Lights video. We saw some spectacular displays of the Northern Lights when we lived in Alaska - all colors, dancing, moving, weaving - breathtaking!

  9. The first thing that came to mind is a light switch!

  10. Ron, I agree with you that nature is breathtaking. It must be awesome to see in real life. Imagine standing there and watching all those lights rushing across the heavens. Thanks for the compliment, by the way.

  11. CrystalChick, thanks for popping in again. Lovely to see you here. I'm glad you enjoyed the light show. Have a good weekend yourself, even though it is half over!

  12. Hi Kelly, it is sooooo nice to see you here. I didn't expect to see you yet awhile. Hugs from me, as always.

  13. Hi Mr V. I see you escaped the porch for a while... hope all is well at your end. Answer to the puzzle tomorrow.

  14. Thank you, Brian. I liked your picture too.

  15. Mona, I really wish I could see the lights for real. It must be a fabulous sight. I think I shall have to move.

  16. Pat, all will be revealed tomorrow.

  17. Another stumper... but was that a
    little hint beneath.... 'light'...
    so I will venture a wild guess and say
    a light switch of some kind........


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