20 November 2011

Monday Mirth

NB: If anyone is worried that their photographs are being copied see here


  1. Made me chuckle. You find the funniest things to amuse us with!

  2. Valerie, this was HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    LOVED the flight attendant - HA!

    Thanks so much for the GREAT Monday Mirth laugh!

    And thank you for sharing the photo link - very interesting. I'll have to go back later today and read up on it a bit more.

    Have a great, dear lady!


  3. Thanks for the copyright link. I think this is a big problem as many people seem to think that just because a picture can be found on the internet, it's OK to use it wherever they like without asking permission.

  4. Ron, I thought it right to pass on the copyright link. As Patsy said too many think it is their right to use photographs without asking permission. If I had my way there wouldn't be any lists of images... it only makes it worse.

  5. Patsy, it is a bigger problem than I realised. I must be too trusting of the human race.

  6. Enjoyed that - even though I am scared of flying!
    Mmmm ... interesting about the copyright issue Valerie, thanks for alerting us.

  7. Yeah. If I had one general rule I had to follow throughout life, it'd be to stay away from shampoo being sold door-to-door from open containers....

    ...for a pound.

    Hehehehe....thanks for a great Monday laugh!


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