23 February 2014

Sights in Norway

~ A scene in Norway ~
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While Joe was off somewhere looking at a Moose I wandered off to look at this house. If I had known he had found a Moose, (which I'd spent every available minute looking for and failing to find) I wouldn't have gone off alone. But then, I might not have found this spot either.

An unusual but attractive decoration at the foot of the gallery steps

Further along the road I found this lovely dog, probably the most photographed dog in the area. But there was something else here that one day I would learn to dislike. 

See it?

Look carefully to the right of the picture. 
See it now?
Yes, it's a wheelie bin. One of those dreaded things that people in the UK have had foisted on them by our respective councils. I didn't realise Norway was so advanced all those years ago.


  1. Valerie, this is a sorts for all sorts thing for me. I like 'em all except maybe the garbage can. But truthfully I like the ones with wheels better than the ones without.

    The dog is really handsome. Without seeing the moose I can't say if seeing it would have been better.

  2. a wheelie bin...
    whats wrong with wheelie bins?
    we have had them for years...

    cool piece of drift wood...i love what the water does to wood...

  3. That is one beautiful dog...not sure I agree with you on wheelie David...I like my wheels. They are kind of hard to hide.

  4. Great photos Valerie and such a beautiful dog. It is funny, I didn't notice the wheelie bin at first. I guess my photo was on the dog. I would have loved to have seen the moose. My sister lived in Norway several years ago. I visited once and it is a lovely memory.

  5. Hi folks, in answer to your eye-raising query 'what's wrong with wheelie bins' .... we've had a lot of protests from residents who don't like or want wheelie bins. They are much too big for a lot of properties, with nowhere to put them a lot of the time. It wouldn't be so bad just having one but three...?
    They certainly spoil the look of many properties. The old refuse bin was much easier to hide.

  6. Gorgeous dog! A Great Pyrenees? We have two bins on wheels, but they sit inside our garage. The one in your photos really does detract from the pretty home.

  7. Valerie, faaaaaabulous photos! Love that first shot of the boats at dock. And that sky is stunning!

    WOW...that is one BIG lovable-looking dog!

    Beautiful piece of driftwood!

    And yes, we have wheelie bin's here in the U.S. In fact, we have them in the area where we dispose of our garbage in the apartment building I live.

    Have a super Sunday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  8. Hi Ron. We haven't got all the bins yet but they're on the way. Goodness only knows where we're going to put them. Also, on collection day we have to wheel them out and leave them on the pavements (sidewalks?) which will be a hindrance to passers-by since our pavements aren't very deep.

  9. Thanks for sharing these shots. When did you visit over there? Norway seems so far away, when you live "across the pond" like I do.

    Hugs and Happy Week to you, G

    PS: Mr. Cheddar liked your comment re: the gnomes today. ;-)

  10. Beautiful photos, especially the decoration at the bottom of the stairs.

    Greetings from London.

  11. We're a smalltown, so to-date we've not been gifted those wheelie bins of a standard size that the trash trucks pick up and empty without the fella ever leaving tbe truck. I can appreciate the fellas wanting them given the weight of some folk's trash. I like my small wheelie bin that I drag to the driveway. But that's one, not three. I've seen the L.A. sized about hefty!!

  12. Argh! Those darn bins are the bane of my existence. We have a neighbor to insists on not putting his away after trash day. I've gotten to wheeling them in front of his garage so he's forced to get out and move them before he can back out his car.

    I mean, what's so difficult about wheeling your bin ten feet?

  13. Mel, our bins are quite big. I dread having more than one!

  14. Herman, aaah a neighbourhood feud. What fun.... not!

  15. Ah yes wheelie bins. We have 4 but thankfully have enough room at the very back of our long drive to house them. I hate it when I see them kept at the front of a house it looks disgusting. :(

  16. Pearl, I do agree. To my mind they degrade certain areas. I dread to think where we're going to put them all when they arrive.

  17. Gracious! I would not have gone in search of a moose! When I saw how huge they are I spent all my time sincerely hoping I would NOT find one! :)


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