28 February 2014

A few pictures from Australia

Relaxing time ... do not disturb

You looking at me?

Oh for a quiet life!

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  1. Great series of photos Val! I would certainly love to visit Australia.

  2. awwww....i totally want to see a koala in real life...they are so of my fav cartoons growing up had a koala in it...

  3. Nice wildlife shots, Valerie! Thank your for the referral to my blog. That's really nice of you. How's Joe doing?

  4. Brian, it's a dream to be fulfilled then. Hope you make it one day.

    Mona, thank you. To answer your question, under the circumstances Joe is doing well. Still cheeky, mind, and still eating well. And there was me thinking I would be saving on food!!!

  5. Haha I always think "unbelievable" when I weigh myself. But I guess you meant the machine was unbelievable - it certainly is! :)

  6. Oh Valerie, these photographs are sooooo AWESOME! As Brian shared, I TOTALLY want to see a koala bear in real life because they look so cute and cuddly!

    Love the photo of Joe on that scale. And what a cool-looking scale!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Wishing you and Joe a lovely weekend!

    X to you both!

  7. Ron, I love those old scales although I was once convinced they lied!

  8. It is fun to see these animals. The koala is one of my favorites.

  9. Awesome. Have fun, Val and Joe.

  10. I love these pictures! I think if I were around that koala bear, my cat might just be getting a little brother. :)


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