04 February 2014

Titbits... and my mistake!


I have ranted before about this subject, when I vowed I wouldn’t waste time copying distorted consonants and getting them wrong. Nevertheless there are still some blogs where I want to leave comments and find the style has changed. Now I’m faced with having to prove I’m human by reading and typing ten or more figures just to leave my thoughts on a post. It’s enough to put anyone off.


Woe is me and my memory! I completely forgot to show off my new curtains. What do you think?


I get more things wrong these days. For example, things I type are often littered with mistakes that are unnoticeable to my little eye. I can read a draft several times and still not find a mistake. If I was reading someone else’s work I would spot one a mile off, but not my own. I’ve heard that it’s more difficult to see one’s own mistakes and I wonder if this is a general thing?

One recent idiotic minor error was my failure to spot a mistake AFTER the birthday invitations were printed. I only got the postcode wrong, that’s all, an important factor when asking people to RSVP. Duh! Imagine how I felt when I saw the error, especially as the draft had been checked and rechecked. I blame my other self. Being a Gemini means I have an alter ego, so I if I have to lay blame somewhere it might as well lay it on my other half.

Guess you wonder why I am doing these things so far in advance. Basically, it’s because I have so much else to do and time does have a nasty habit of flying too far ahead. I have this dread of not having everything in order when the big day arrives whereas if I do things in advance I can relax and approach things in a civilised and calm manner. I often wonder how people do it when they have to rush to get things organised yet still make it at the given time. Must be a temperament thing! Still, we each have our own way of doing things ... my way suits me best.

I hate being late in anything. If I make an appointment to meet someone I like to be there early and only start panicking at the arranged time if they’re late. Some people I know couldn’t be early if they tried. A friend told me she tried hard to be early or on time but never made it. That’s a real enigma! Isn’t it just a matter of choosing your timing and sticking with it? No? Okay, reckon I’ll never know the answer to that one. Or understand it!


  1. As a Libra, I have often felt the same twin-self impulse that you describe here. I've never known fully how much credence to lend to astrology, but again and again, I have felt that intuition has been a better guide for me than logic. Then again, I have made a number of mistakes in life, so I may not be the best judge of my own destiny!

    I seem to make those tiny mistakes that you talk about on a consistent basis, and you are correct, it is enough sometimes to make me question my own faculties!

  2. Hey, Valerie, I agree with you on the CAPTCHA thing. It has gotten better with using numbers instead of letters, but OMG...they ask you type in like 100 numbers!

    "For example, things I type are often littered with mistakes that are unnoticeable to my little eye. I can read a draft several times and still not find a mistake."

    HA! Same here! I can't tell you how many times I'll catch a typo on one of my posts, DAYS after I've already posted it. And I proof read my posts so many times before I publishing them yet, I still make mistakes.

    You and I are the same, I hate being late for anything. I'm always early. My father instilled that in me when I was a kid.

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

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  4. Good afternoon, Ron. Yes it seems like hundreds... I have never stopped to count. It's all crazy, isn't it?

    It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who proof reads and still misses the mistakes. Did I tell you one of jobs was proof reading ... duh!

    My dad was the one who taught me to be early. He said it was impolite to keep people waiting. I think he was right.

  5. Nathaniel, some people use astrology to decide destiny; I'm not so sure that's a good thing. However, I'm happy to blame my Gemini twin if things go wrong... smiles.

  6. Proofreading my written words is even harder, because I don't write in my native language. I try to write as I would tell it, which is sometimes not a good thing, since both are very different. But I think I'm getting the hang of it. Oh, and I also don't like word (or now number) verification.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. I know what you mean about Word Verification Blogs. There's one I still visit, but sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times to type in what I "think" it says - very annoying. As for the curtains - They are bright and cheerful!

  8. oy i hear you...i have someone that reads my stuff to make sure i am not making stupid errors in my writing...its easy to over look....

    captcha...ridiculous....seriously i get 25+ spam messages a day and hte regular filter catches it...i am not sure what captcha is doing...and some are like 20-30 letters/numbers is ridiculous....

  9. I started reading this post and Captcha's, and I looked at your photo of the drapes, and my mind instantly tried to make sense of that strange Captcha. I soon realized that I was just looking at flowers. It's funny how Captcha's have ruined me!

  10. Oh, when first I read your blog I was sure you were human. Even your picture looks human. What's wrong with these damn computers?

    You know I posted that, probably for gender reasons, I'm not much about curtains. But I looked closely at these anyway and I think they suit you - they are colorful but not loud, warm and solid.

    My younger son has been staying with me for a few days. When we need to go somewhere, he's been getting all stressed out because he thought I was rushing him to be on time! I was. I think we have worked this out. I've no idea how, it is easily rocket science.

  11. Herman, captchas have that effect on people. I'm sure they're driving us to crazyland.

    Brian, that's awful. I would go mad if I had that amount of spam messages. I recently changed password, just for the hell of it really, but there is a noticeable drop in spam.

  12. David. Last time I looked I was definitely human, so you got that right... smiles. How interesting that the curtains show up my charactristics. Hmmm parents always want things to go THEIR way, no wonder our offspring fight back.

    I responded to Nathanial's comment by calling him David... it was quicky amended by deletion and retype!

  13. Mersad, I have never spotted a mistake in your writing.... in fact, I've always been impressed that you write so well in a different language.

  14. I am smiling as I think we may be rowing up the same creek, using the same boat and the same paddle. Lovely curtains :)

  15. I have to check and recheck because I am so careless. I always have been careless but I sometimes get the impression it is getting worse!


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